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  1. Public Forum
    Hello all, I've recently noticed that the seconds hands on both of my quartz watches aren't properly aligned to the dial markers. Does anyone else have the same issue? I'm worried it was something I did (perhaps accidentally moving the "date" wheel between 9pm-3am). Is this normal? Perhaps...
  2. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi All, After purchasing my Sea-Gull M199S, I noticed that all of the hands lined up flawlessly. However, after just the first two weeks or so, I noticed that the chrono second hand was just a little bit off (please see pic). Note this is the ONLY thing I've found against this...
  3. Watchmaking
    I just received this Alpha Speedmaster, and I like it very much. Having said that, there is one thing that I think is going to drive me crazy: The Bezel is crooked by about 2/5 - 3/5 of a second, and it is visible to the naked eye if you take notice. (and I always take notice) The 60...
1-3 of 3 Results