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  1. NATO CAGEMATCH! 9 will enter, 1 will come out victorious!

    I took sometime to review 9 different NATO straps you can purchase on Amazon right now to find out which one provided the best value. Jump into the video below!
  2. JDM vs domestic SARB017?

    It seems that there are two options for the SARB017, the JDM version which can be purchased from various sources, and a U.S. (or worldwide?) version, which apparently comes in different packaging, and can be purchased in the U.S. as far as I can tell only from Amazon. Any thought's on these two...
  3. Undone Tropic Amazon + Extra strap

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    FSO - Tropic with full kit and extra strap as seen in these photos! Asking $240 via PayPal + shipping to your location. I'm in Canada and will ship internationally. Cheers!!
  4. Bought a JDM Seiko (SARY057) from Amazon but concerned about authenticity and warranty

    i have read many a horror story about authenticity, sellers replacing movements, etc. additionally, how can i tell if i have a true Seiko Warranty with this purchase? any insight is much appreciate - thanks!
  5. Urgent Help: Frankenwatch or rare model?

    Hi guys, A bit confused here. Wanted to get my first diver and Seiko was an obvious choice. SKX009 annoyed me due to circled dial markings and inverse lollipop. SKX173 was perfect. Ordered a watch on amazon from promenadewatches and the following arrived (pic attached). Do we have a...
  6. Top 5 Bestselling Watches On The Internet In The Past Year

    News from the Watch Industry
    Love them, like them or loathe them, these are the bestselling watches on the internet last year according to one of the major online watch retailers who shifts watches by the container load. Some of the choices are predictable, others are surprising, but without question, all of them leap off...
  7. Fulfillment on Amazon = Verified Authentic?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a SKX007 on Amazon from the seller STANDARD JAPAN. The purchase was fulfilled by Amazon, meaning Amazon will cover any returns and customer service, but does this mean my SKX007 is also a verified Authentic? This is my first real watch- really crossing my...
  8. Help buying a Tissot from Amazon!!

    Hi, so i been considering for quite a while now buying a Tissot, due to the CAD decline, all the watches prices increased, so i search better options and found them on Amazon, problem is... ive read online that some Tissots on amazon are fake, so i was wondering if you guys, could give me a hand...
  9. Luminox on Amazon, real or fake ?

    Public Forum
    Hi there, The product is fulfilled by Amazon, which means it is more likely to be a valid product. However, this watch usually retails for $695 amongst official Luminox Authorised Dealers. Does anyone know if these Amazon fulfilled sellers are legit?
  10. Extended Credit Card Warranty?

    All, I'm new here, so I apologize if this has been previously dealt with. I'm buying a Hamilton GMT Jazzmaster and am leaning toward buying it on Amazon. Two questions: 1. Do any credit cards offer an extended warranty on the purchase through Amazon? My reading of the fine print on my...
  11. Anyone used Marc Ecko watches before?

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great! I don't have much knowledge on watches so posting here. Has anyone of you used Marc Ecko watches before or do you know about his brand or how good are their watches? I just came across one of these watches in Amazon. Please see item link below...
  12. Tissot vs. Hamilton Watch

    Hey Watch-Helpers! I need some help. For the past several months i have been looking for a brand watch that i can be proud of, something that is simple but elegant. I have a budget of $600 and under, and would like to buy a 'swiss made' watch, and from what i have read most Hamilton's fall...
  13. Watch out for K.G. Company on Amazon (deceptive pictures)

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    I'm so irritated right now, this is so stupid. I just decided to get into watches with my first automatic, a Seiko 5 Model SNZG11J1, ordered it from Amazon (right here), and received it today (a day early, even!) and... The day display is in some foreign language I don't even recognize despite...
  14. New model of Tissot PRC 200 (post-2013) - new box?

    Hey everybody, I happily purchased a new Tissot PRC 200 (black dial, yellow chronograph, post-2013 new model), and have been very happy with it for the past 2 days... until I noticed 2 things: (first off, the watch, which I purchased from watchsavings fulfilled by Amazon, looks very...
  15. Amazon's Asurion Warranty V.S. Actual Manufacturer Warranty?

    Public Forum
    Hi guys, I recently joined this site. Right now I'm trying to buy a watch, and 3 places caught my attention: 1. Jomashop $1000, Jomashop Warranty 2. Amazon #1400, Manufacturer Warranty 3. Amazon $1200, Asurion Warranty I'm in a real deep dilemma here. I've read LOTS of negative comments...
  16. Help the newb buy his first watch online.

    Affordable watches
    Hello, everybody. I am new to these forums. I want to apologize in advance if I am posting in the wrong subforum. So I decided to buy some reasonably cheap watch (less than $150) online. After searching for hours, I concluded that amazon has better prices and more variety compared to ebay and...
  17. Rougios watches

    Affordable watches
    Hi guys, I've come across this nice Rougois watch i might buy as a gift for someone >> but I've never heard of the brand before :-s:-s. Can someone please let me know if they know if it is a reliable watch brand...
  18. Is Amazon a good place to buy a Seiko SSC017P1?

    Public Forum
    Hello everyone, its my first post here although i have been looking through the forums regularly for advice before signing up. I am shopping around for the Seiko SSC017P1 and i have found it on Amazon UK for £183, 'reduced' from £395. It is from a different seller, not Amazon it's self and I...
  19. Help! Looking for an affordable, minimalist dress watch. Leather strapped, preferable.

    Public Forum
    I have been looking for a versatile watch that can be worn in and out of formal situations, preferably a silver and black look. I prefer a lighter and thinner watch, with a leather strap. I don't have very large wrists and I definitely prefer a thinner and more sleek look.As of late, I've been...
  20. Looking for a simple, versatile watch. Similar to the Bulova 96B104

    Affordable watches
    I have been looking for a versatile watch that can be worn in and out of formal situations, preferably a silver and black look. I prefer a lighter and thinner build, with a leather strap. As of late, I've been looking at the Bulova 96B104 on Amazon, Bulova Men's 96B104 Silver Dial...