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  1. Suunto
    Ambit1 distance anomalies have been discussed previously with the Ambit1 usually undercutting the raw GPS track log distance by 1-3%. However, most of these reports have been on more linear moves (e.g. running, walking). Does anyone use their Ambit for more dynamic moves (e.g. soccer, tennis)...
  2. Suunto
    What are the limitations as compared to the successors? I've been making an app for the Ambit community, and I can't make it compatible with the Ambit 1. Are there any listed limitations which could help me here. It states: Ambit (size 79%). Is that the problem? What else could it be?
  3. Suunto
    Hey Suunto, How about making the Ambit open source? Think about it. It won't actively be developed for anymore because of "hardware limitations". The people who bought it months ago for $500 are rather disappointed. I think you can take this situation and turn it around for you by making the...
1-3 of 3 Results