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  1. Suunto
    I have two questions about limitations of using Ambit2 during ultramarathon events. 1. During activity I'm using autolap set to 1km. What happens, when I try to run over 100km? Is any limitation to autolap counter or should I set autolap for larger value? 2. I want to register my activity with...
  2. Suunto
    Am trying to pair my new Ambit2 with Schwinn Ant+ Mpower console on a spin bike. Both manufacturers claim that the units are compatible but have had no luck getting them to communicate. Instructions are sketchy at best. Any troubleshooting tips appreciated.
  3. Suunto
    Purchased my Ambit2 in October 2013 from Amazon. Trouble free until today. Looked down at my watch to find this! Never been dropped or hit against anything. No major changes in temperature exposure. Submerged in water only in daily shower and pool swimming. Beyond the return date for Amazon...
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am thinning out my collection to fund a saltwater aquarium at home. I apologize for the bad photos. This was taken with a cellphone. Better pictures will be furnished upon request. PM me if interested. Thanks. Suunto Ambit 2 in excellent condition. Comes with Heart monitor belt and...
  5. Suunto
    I've been getting a bit frustrated recently and before I throw an adult temper tantrum I'd like to see if anyone can educate me on proper use of the Ambit2 for indoor swimming and/or any errors I'm making. #1: My pool is only 10 meters long but the smallest option under the custom settings is...
  6. Suunto
    What is the button sequence to reset the Ambit2?
  7. Suunto
    Anyone know a way to turn off the Ambit2? I believe that old documentation explained how this was done but that button sequence no longer works.
  8. Suunto
    Another question concerning viewing the map with tracks and in which modes it is visible. I am talking about this screen: I was actually hoping that this screen would be visible during navigation to a waypoint (or POI as what Suunto calls them) As far as I know viewing the map with...
  9. Reference Material and FAQ
    Hi, When reading post in various apps in Movescount App Zone, I have come to understand that a lot of people has trouble installing apps in their devices. Then I made this guide with images that I think would be helpful in most cases. You can download it here...
  10. Reviews
    Well then, lemme add/hide a link to my Ambit2 (vs. Ambit) review here... Suunto Ambit2 Review - Lessons in Tech-Psychology… | at home in..., w| Gerald Zhang-Schmidt ;)
1-10 of 11 Results