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    Here are some photos of a few Angler straps I got my hands on. Made by a strapmaker from Norway. They are excellent.
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    For sale is the 22 mm wehr ammo strap, 125 / 75 length. ~ 4mm - 4,5mm thick. Poly waxed stitching; strong as steel. Wax + leather dye treated edges and strap holes (waxed holes so sweat doesn't crack the leather) Buckle is free with the strap. I was planning on brushing it but I'll let the new...
  3. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    I have a brand new vintage brown ammo strap that I just got in from diaboliq. It is a very cool strap, unfortunately it is just a little to big for me. Here are some approximate specs: *Lengths are 120mm on the long side and 80mm on the short side *Holes at ~ 57mm, 67mm, 77mm, and 87mm (from...
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    *** SOLD OUT *** AMMO STRAPS - by Diaboliqstraps Named after "Force 136" (or Group 136) which was the general cover name for a branch of the British World War II organization, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). 20 mm, vintage ammo leather CONTACT ME: [email protected]
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    Ammo straps for sale.. Swedish ammo #1 26mm, 130/77,approx 4.5mm thick, natural waxed nylon stitch, 1 fixed and 1 floating keepers, brushed screw in buckle($145) #2 24mm, 145/80,approx 4.5mm thick, natural waxed nylon stitch, 2 floating keepers, polished sewn in buckle($145)SOLD #3...
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  7. Watches - Straps & Bracelets
    Not for sale anymore :-!
61-67 of 67 Results