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  1. Russian watches
    Hi Guys, I'm very close to pulling the trigger on this vostok antimagnetic. Does it look legit to ye or is it a franken. Pictures attached. The seller seems to have good feedback his id is fialkin77. I appreciate the help. Thanks, Barry.
  2. Russian watches
    Hi Guys, A shot in the dark here. Would anyone know where I can find the following amphibia NOS. I saw reports of an ebayer on another thread who had them but there was no ebay id given. I have included a picture that was on the other thread too. All the best.
  3. Russian watches
    I am getting this watch Russian VOSTOK SELF-WINDING AMPHIBIAN watch #2114 NEW | eBay sharp no? lol anyways I want to order this with it PU DIVERS WATCH Strap for a SEIKO Dive Z22 / CITIZEN Diver's Watch 22mm wide | eBay but will it fit? How will I know?
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    SOLD Up for your consideration is my Vostok Amphibia KGB. Here's basic info regarding the watch - Case is 42mm wide, 45mm lug-to-lug, 13mm thick, 18mm lug width - Automatic 2416 movement with 31 jewels. - Date calendar. - 200m WR - Stainless steel case and bracelet. - Bi-directional bezel -...
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    Hello everyone. Up for your consideration is my Vostok Amphibia Admiralskie. I'm sure most frequent visitors know what Vostok is but here's basic info regarding the watch - Case is 42mm wide, 45mm lug-to-lug, 13mm thick, 18mm lug width - Automatic 2416 movement with 31 jewels. - Date calendar...
  6. Russian watches
    I'm not sure what to make of it. Is it franken? Doesn't seem to be a dileberate franken, maybe parts were interchanged for repairs? The dial has Cyrillic writing but the back is in English. The usual Lume dot on the bezel is missing and it looks like it may have been painted over in red. It...
  7. Russian watches
    Experimental Raketa Amphibian with double calendar. Toned dial. Photos here Александр Борисович Бродниковский — «2.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках and Александр Борисович Бродниковский — «1.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках Movement Александр Борисович Бродниковский — «1.JPG» на Яндекс.Фотках
  8. Russian watches
    Ok, so I got this vintage amphibian on the way. Not sure if it runs and it needs some case cleaning. Can't wait. Seller's pic What do you all think?
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    Selling my Vostok Amphibian. I got it from Meranom a few weeks ago. Changed the strap and wore it around the house once. It's back on the original strap now. I can include the Vostok rubber strap too if you want. Looking for $45 shipped. Kind of hard to see the dial clearly from this pic. Here...
  10. Russian watches
    I noticed that the new Vostok Amphibians Classic 420 'Diver Dude' with the scuba diver facing to the right have not been available new in any color from Zenitar on eBay or Meranom's site (says 'out of stock') for quite some time now. Even the official Vostok site doesn't...
  11. Russian watches
    Hi Guys, I just received my first amphibian blue scuba dude from Zenitar. I bout one for my buddy too. I have been looking forward to it like a kid at christmas everyday until it arrived and I was not disappointed. Being a fan of tool/functional watches this watch is everything I want and more...
  12. Dive watches
    Hi Guys, I wanted a Seiko dive watch and did some looking about. I preferred one with some character that I will keep for good. After buying a 7002 from Loy I decided to go for a 6309-7290 before it even arrived. I asked Loy to put in a 6105 dial and 6105 hands for me too. The watch arrived on...
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    For sale, very nice Vostok Amphibian, Ministry case russian watch. Brand new in box with papers. Stainless Bracelet 22mm. Stunning black dial. I am asking 75$ shipped CONUS. I accept Pay Pal. [email protected] Automatic (self winding) mechanism Movement - caliber 2416 31 Ruby jewels...
  14. Russian watches
    Hi. I want to buy an Amphibian but i can't decide which to buy.o| I stopped on the two collors of the dials: blue and orange . I will wear it on brown leather strap (some panerai -like). Listen all your pro and contras. And if it possible show your pics. Thanks alot.
  15. Russian watches
    Just bought a Vostok Amphibian (18mm) and would like some spare spring bars. I bought Geomark brand before for my Tao, but noticed there are different diameter sizes and also different types of spring bars. What brand and type should I buy for my Amphibian, preferably available to Europe for...
  16. Russian watches
    I've purchased my first new, russian watch! I love it, but... the instruction manual is in russian. I managed to find an english version on the net so that I could set the date and time, but something even more simple is giving me headaches... How do I open the clasp? It's probably a pretty...
  17. Russian watches
    I've lured myself into getting an Amphibian, my argument being that I need a watch that can withstand a beating (and the price is great too). Trouble is though, which one? I've currently narrowed it down to one of these three:
  18. Russian watches
    Hi everyone... I'm relatively new to Russian watches and have been a voracious reader of the various posts over the past few weeks. I'm looking to purchase a watch soon and I'm interested in the Amphibian and the Komandirskie watches. Which leads me to a series of questions, beginning with...