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  1. Watchmaking
    Illinois 12s 15 jewel Grade 228 un adjusted movement. This watch was running at about 30 seconds fast a day DU DD (regulator in the center) with an amplitude on a slow motion camera check of about 230-250 on a full wind before her new alloy mainspring and a second cleaning and oiling...
  2. Seiko
    I've seen some discussion about low amplitudes in the 6r15 movement. Is there an actual published spec for the amplitude of the movement, out of which it is supposed to be serviced?
  3. Watchmaking
    I have a balance with a visually weak amplitude (no timing machine available, but it's obvious, especially when running next to an identical and healthy movement) that slows and even stops in certain positions, although rather unreliably (sometimes it'll stop as I rotate the movement around in...
  4. Watchmaking
    I throw myself upon the mercy of the Watchuseek court. I'm working on a 1930-ish Illinois 3/0 Cal. 307, 17 Jewels. Here's the mystery: the amplitude is excellent in all positions (at least 280 degrees, 320 to 330 dial up), but this thing is SLOW, like 10-15 minutes slow per day. What?! The...
1-4 of 5 Results