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  1. Public Forum
    I bought a pre-owned blue Seamaster that a prior owner had added a custom after-market anti-reflective coating to on the exterior of the sapphire crystal. After a year or so of ownership, that coating was starting to look pretty ratty, so I did some reading on how to remove it. After taping the...
  2. Watchmaking
    I'm hoping somebody can help me here. For the month or so I've really warmed up to the Hamilton Khaki Field 42mm auto. The one issue I have is the crystal reflects too much light. For me, legibility is a big deal and this is a deal breaker. I thought about getting AR coating applied. A company...
  3. Damasko Uhren
    Does anybody have any experience with the custom Damasko one-side AR crystal option that you can get as a special order? I might be in the minority here but somehow I keep scratching up the AR on my DA44 and it really bugs me. I am normally very careful with my watches and have never scratched...
  4. Public Forum
    I have a Steinhart OVM with a double anti-reflective coating and would love to see the dial fade in 10-20 years like many of the vintage watches we see today. Will the anti-reflective coating prevent this? Or maybe speed it up due to more light being absorbed through the crystal?
  5. Affordable watches
    What's the most exotic AR coating you've seen on a watch crystal? It used to be that AR coatings were just to reduce reflections, now they're half about being eye-catching rather than unnoticeable. And... I'm ok with that! :-! I've seen blue, blue-purple, purple - where's the multi-color and...
  6. Seiko
    Since the lack of an inner anti-reflective coating on this watch is beginning to irritate me, I want to upgrade it by swapping out the sapphire crystal for one with an AR coat. Does anyone know of where I can obtain a compatible AR-coated sapphire crystal? (My local watchmaker doesn't seem...
1-6 of 6 Results