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  1. Affordable watches
    I figure since there is an Expedition Appreciation thread that there should also be an Ironman thread too. I picked this one up the other day on a whim, it is a Timex Ironman T5K198.
  2. Affordable watches the one you already own ;) What kind of things do you do to help yourself appreciate the watches you already own? Sometimes I get a new strap, or I put one away for a while so that I can re-discover it later. Show me a watch that you need to see with new eyes, and we'll help you love it...
  3. Tissot
    So I noticed there is not much love in this forum for the Tissot V8. I think I can understand why, Tissot is an European brand, by making a V8 model they are relating themselves to car sports not always appreciated by the Europeans and not being an "as well known brand" outside of Europe they...
  4. Officine Panerai
    Which Panerai's hold the most of their value? I know that compared to Rolex, Cartier, Patek etc they probably don't hold value too well? I know very few (if any) watches will ever appreciate, any that do are special editions, classic collectors peices and the like? I would also assume that...
  5. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I'm new to the idea of watch collecting but very interested in it. I'm a student now but I would like to start investing in vintage pieces to start building a collection. My research though has lead me to believe watches that arent from a few very collectable makers (Patek Phillipe, Zenith, etc)...
1-5 of 5 Results