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  1. Emporio Armani Automatic AR4649. Genuine or Fake?

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Hello help me please to identify is this watch original or chinese fake? received from the trusted dealer (his price for this watch $350-400 approx), but i am worried if he don't know it is fake. thanks in advance!

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    Net $199 + Shipping. Fairly firm as I'm teetering on if I should send this in myself to get serviced myself. CONUS Only, No Trades Please Condition: Mint. This watch was barely used, has a few minor marks from desk diving the few times I wore it, but check out the photos as it speaks for...
  3. Movement on Armani ARS-3102

    Affordable watches
    Greetings WUS, I was hoping if someone knows what movement is inside this Swiss Made Armani ARS-3102 that I've acquired via a recent trade. I know some regular Armanis use Seagull movements, but cannot find any reliable info on the Swiss Made. Emporio Armani ARS3102 Womens Swiss Made...

    eBay Auctions
    Selling my Armani Exchange AX1042 watch for the simple fact that it doesn't get my wrist time anymore (too many watches!). Great condition - working perfectly! I bought the watch brand new 2 years ago and still love it very much (always get compliments when I wear it), but prefer selling it...
  5. FS: Emporio Armani Ceramic Watch AR1415

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is the Emporio Armani Meccanico Ceramica watch in white, Model AR1415. This watch and bracelet are made of ceramic material. The watch has a "skeleton" dial with a visible mechanical automatic movement and an exhibition caseback surrounded by stainless steel. The watch is sized to fit...
  6. Looking at a few watches - ITT Tissot vs Orient vs Armani

    Public Forum
    For my first post, I'm looking to your vast knowledge of these things we call watches, as I know basically nothing of them :roll: I'm looking at 3 (maybe 4), but am willing to consider other options. The 3 I'm primarily looking at are as follows: -Tissot Couturier T035.410.16.051.00 -Emporio...

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    I am selling my beautiful EMPORIO ARMANI LUXURY CHRONOGRAPH WATCH ref. AR5953 plus an awesome white 22mm nato strap. I purchased the watch a couple of months ago and I have practically never worn it. The watch has ZERO scratches and ZERO wear signs. PRICE: 200 EUROS / 22O USD INCLUDING...
  8. Real or fake

    Public Forum
    I have taken a sticker with a red line off of my caseback for a watch and the caseback does not look like it is engraved. Once i removed the sticker the information was on the back and I tried to peel it off and there is no chance. Is the watch real or fake? I have also been told that the watch...
  9. I need some WIS help!

    Affordable watches
    SO.... I've loved this watch for a long time now. The Emporio Armani AR2448, but I'm having trouble believing it's worth the price. I don't know if it will match the quality of my Seikos for almost the same price. Emporio Armani Men's AR2448 Classic Blue Dial Chronograph Watch...
  10. FSOT: Armani AR-4601 Automatic

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    The watch has been SOLD. Thank you WUS and Ray! Up for sale or possible trade is an Emporio Armani AR-4601. This watch has an automatic movement and a jumping hour window function. To be clear, the window above the Armani logo is the hour window, not a date window. The case size is 42mm...
  11. If you...

    Fashion & Designers watches
    ... had a collection watches made by Breitling, Certina, Citizen, J Chevalier and Omega, would you ever wear this ?
  12. Inconsistent sub-dials on Armani watch (AR2434)

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Hi guys, I've just created an account on WUS, but have been browsing through the forums for a quite while now. As the title implies, I have noticed that the sub-dials of my purchased watch differs from the one of the official renders. To be exact, the official renders shows a 60-minute...
  13. Armani Ceramica vs. Burberry Utilitarian

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Hi dear all, I am new to this forum and new to wearing watches actually. I previously owned a Swatch and a Casio back in high school but never wore them often due to playing sports. However, I recently could not get my eyes off two watches, the Emporio Armani Ceramica AR1400 and the Burberry...
  14. Why People Trash Certain Brands and also Quartz?? Brand Envy?

    Public Forum
    Hi I'm new here and new to watches in general. This place is fantasic for learning and also sharing views. I've certainly opened my mind to brands I never considered and also reconsidered on brands too. Real eye-opener to say the least. Which leads me to this question, why are some brands...
  15. New Half Price Certina, Edox, Guess, Armani, Locman watches

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Several New watches for sale, all with box and certificate. 45% discount. CERTINA, GUESS, EDOX, ARMANI en LOCMAN. Certina DS Podium, ref: C0015101605700, prijs: 215 euro. Certina DS First, ref: C54171841261, prijs: 350 euro. Certina DS Mini Spel , ref: C32271564266, prijs: 170 euro...
  16. WTB: Emporio Armani Super Slim Black watch, With Mesh bracelet AR2028

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello everyone, Looking to purchase this watch if any one has it and is looking to sell. If you know someone who is selling that would also be great! I am located in philadelphia Thanks for your help! EMPORIOARMANI® Men Classic:Mens Super Slim AR2028
  17. Emporio Armani Ceramica Men's Watch - AR1400

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Hi all, Need some information on this watch Emporio Armani AR1400 Gents Black Ceramic Round Black Dial Chronograph Watch: Emporio Armani: Watches how is the quality and is it worth that much money? thanks
  18. Battle of the EA watches - HELP NEEDED

    Fashion & Designers watches
    I'm in the market for a new watch. I do like quality but ever since I lost my mechanical Tissot watch years ago, I haven't been into expensive watches (or buying a watch for the sake of "Swiss Made"). Right now I'm looking for a stainless steel watch that would be a "fancy occasion" watch...
  19. FS: New Armani Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Gift from an ex. Comes with original box and plastic on the back casing. I did some searching online and determined that the lower prices I found were mostly fakes or Chinese retailers selling grey market versions. I don't have the receipt as it was a gift but I can attest to it's authenticity -...
  20. What about Armani Meccanico?

    Public Forum
    Hi, i got a question to you all. What is your opinion about the Armani Meccanico range? Is it worth the money or are you just paying for the brand name? Also would i like to know if someone knows which movements Armani uses in there Meccanico range. So, Armani Meccanico range: :-! or <| ??