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  1. Rolex & Tudor
    Greetings watch fam, I've been in contact with a seller for buying 1601 as a gift for my brother's graduation. What drew me to this particular watch was the polar white sigma dial. I've seen similar dials on the web, but what makes me doubt it is the letter J on the dial. I can't seem to find...
  2. Seiko
    Hello smart Seiko people! Can some of you chip in and help me authenticate this Seiko SRP777 ‘Turtle’? I bought it a few years back, and I have no reason to believe that it is not authentic, but if any of you clever people out there could help me tell if it is legit i.e. authentic that would...
  3. IWC
    Suspicious about authenticity without being able to open it and see the movement, is it worth a gamble at $325?
  4. Rolex & Tudor
    I’ve came across this explorer 1 recently and can’t figure out if it’s authentic or not, according to the serial code it’s a 2004 example. Never really looked at Explorer 1s properly before so I do not have much confidence in my own judgment. Any thoughts/comments? Thanks in advance
  5. Rolex & Tudor
    Hello everyone! This is a Tudor 1926, as we know this is the entry level Tudor watch. I have been eyeing for these ever since I got into watches, and I really appreciate it for how it really is. I like the dressiness and the ability for it to be versatile when one day I'd wish to change...
  6. Vintage & Pocket watches
    I recently purchase a watch from ebay but cannot find the exact same model from Glashutte Original or on the internet. I am wonder if it's fake or mixed the parts. Also, the movement in the watch looks a bit stange to me as well. Down below is the attach photos. Thanks for the help.
  7. Cartier
    Purchased this watch from a seller who claimed to had inherited it but I have not been able to find this Must de Cartier design anywhere online. I am wondering about its authenticity. Any thoughts?
  8. Rolex & Tudor
    Can anyone tell by these pictures (provided by the seller) if this watch is real or fake? ref. 126334
  9. Public Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the vintage watch scene and I was wondering if you could help me determine whether this seamaster is legit before I go ahead and purchase it. Buying it off Ebay so I'd love some feedback. I think the Crown is not original but a part from that I think the rest of it is...
  10. Cartier
    Hi, I came across this listing online for a supposedly pre-must tank. I am very new to watch collecting/purchasing (lol my current watch is an apple watch), but I really like the look of a tank. I have attached the pictures below. I know the strap is not authentic as it was mentioned in the...
  11. German watches
    Hi, I am looking into vintage GUB Glashuette, specifically a cal 74 and I came across the following watches on chrono24: I have read that the black...
  12. Cartier
    Hi Folks, First time posting in the Cartier Sub. I have collected Cartier Tanks / Vendomes for a while but had a chance at a Santos Ronde which piqued my interest. The dial, movement, case & crown all checkout. The case back however has completely thrown me, its missing a few case screws but...
  13. Omega Fake Busters
    Hi, so this is a 168.0017 double signed. I recently acquired it and for me, it seems legit but I'm not sure. Note for parts that might not be visible: the plexiglass has an omega logo embossed in the middle and the crown & buckle is also with the logo. For the movement itself, I'm sure it's 564...
  14. Omega Fake Busters
    Hi all - first post; found a listing on C24 and would like a sense of peace of mind regarding this watch so if needed I can return within 14 day timeframe and claim unauthentic watch. Quick notes: Watch has been serviced as of last month by seller (according to them via messages using...
  15. Public Forum
    Hello, I am buying the below from a seller online, and I would appreciate your 2cents. I couldn't find a lot of info about this model as it seems to be circa 1960~1970. None of the images I found on Google for this model have the same crown as the one pictured below. The movement, dial (no...
  16. Longines
    Hey guys, I was looking at 2nd hand listings and there is someone near me that is selling this Longines. I'd appreciate your help with: 1) identifying the model; 2) helping me understand how can I make sure it's authentic (there is no box or certificate); 3) how much do you think it's worth? Thanks
  17. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
  18. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hey Everyone, I came across this vintage gold plate Piaget with a deep black watch face (see attached images below). I enjoy dress watches and purchased the watch from a licensed japanesse antique dealer on eBay with a 100% feedback rating. Though my intuition had me feeling something was off...
  19. Cartier
    Hello, I know very, very little about watches, but have my eye on a vintage Cartier tank on eBay. There are only five pictures included, but the seller seems reputable. I've attached the pictures here. Can anyone say based on these photos if it's clearly not authentic? Thank you so much!
  20. Omega
    Hi everyone! Was wondering if could identify the watch in the photo and whether it looks genuine or not. Sorry there aren't more photos to go off but appreciate all the help!
1-20 of 29 Results