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  1. Cartier
    I was searching for a small intro watch for my so and came across this must de Cartier. Is it authentic and if so any thoughts on the condition? Thanks in advance!
  2. Seiko
    Hey, so I'm new here and somewhat new at watch collecting, I just ordered and SSA347 off ebay for about $361 US dollars from a dealer named dealsguru1, they seemed to have a lot of positive feedback but I know a lot of that stuff can be faked. Does anyone have any experience with this dealer...
  3. Public Forum
    Can anybody tell me whether or not this watch is authentic? It was given to my father, and I see no discernible markings on the watch
  4. Pilots' & Military watches
    Hello all, Can anyone shed some credibility/authentication on this offering from
  5. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster here. Am looking to purchase this Tudor 79220B - I just wanted to check with your experience and ask if it looks all genuine as I have never handled/seen an ETA version in the flesh before. In this case I am quite confident all is legitimate, having...
  6. Russian watches
    On some watch dials I see the jewels written as "17 камень" but on others as "17 камней". I studied some Russian in school years ago, but not enough to know if this is simply a minor difference in wording, or, if one is authentic and one is a fake. Thoughts?
  7. Public Forum
    Hello, This is my second post about watches, and I want to know if these are real or fake plus the price of each one of them
  8. Breitling Fake Busters
    So around 2005 I bought a Breitling Chronomat Evolution with blue dial, gold subdials, gold riders, and two-tone steel pilot's bracelet. I loved that watch. Several years -- kids, a mortgage, etc. later and I felt guilty having spent that much on a watch and, in a moment of weakness -- sold...
  9. Omega
    Hey all. I'm looking to get my first vintage omega. I think this particular watch was once sold here on WUS but I'm looking to see what you guys have to say about this. I can likely get it for mid-high $3xx. Info that I was given: - 1958 Ref 14731 - 511 cal movement. - Signed crown Does...
  10. Russian watches
    Hello, I have ordered these two watches from EBAY. One is supposed to be a Poljot and another a Luch brand watch. One or both are supposed to have the 2209 thin calibre inside? Since I am not a watchmaker I am unable to open the backside to show the interior of the calibre. Is is possible to...
  11. Russian watches
    Can someone post a couple pics of an authentic Vostok Desert Shield, and some pointers? I'd like to get one off ebay, but they all start at around $20 and that makes me think they're too good to be true. I've used search but there isn't a definitive post, and a lot of pics are broken. Thank...
  12. Rolex & Tudor
    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask for your opinions on whether this Tudor Explorer is fake or not. Firstly it's not red ranger, so that's a good sign and it does have the Rolex crown, which I know was a thing back in the day. However, the dial and hands look to be in great shape (maybe a redial?)...
  13. Seiko
    Hello all, I recently purchased a SKX007 on Amazon from the seller STANDARD JAPAN. The purchase was fulfilled by Amazon, meaning Amazon will cover any returns and customer service, but does this mean my SKX007 is also a verified Authentic? This is my first real watch- really crossing my...
  14. Russian watches
    So, as a gift I ordered this Raketa for my father. He thinks 24 hour watches are very interesting. I'm just not sure if the watch is real or franken... could you guys help shed some light on it, since I'm really new to Russian peices?
  15. High-end watches
    The seller won't open the bag for me. So it's little hard to see. But I trust the expertise of connoisseurs at this forum
  16. Affordable watches
    Hi Everyone, I ordered a CWC G10 from Anchor Supplies about a month ago. It's supposed to be an issued Marines G10. I received the watch today and was pretty happy. But when I removed the Nato strap to have a look at the case back, I noticed something was off. The case back says W10, which I...
  17. Straps & Bracelets
    I've purchased a beautiful Hirsch Rainbow 20mm strap with case from Ebay. Interestingly, it does not have any "water resistance" markings at all. I'm concerned because I now have discoloration on my wrist and I don't know what caused it. My co-workers say to blame the strap. It may look like I...
  18. Public Forum
    My best offer for this watch was accepted on eBay ($90) and they say the dial and movement is authentic but doesn't say anything about the case. My question is, is this an authentic rado diastar? I know the diastar usually has a unique case but it's near impossible to find any info on the...
  19. Omega Fake Busters
    Dear all, I am trying to authenticate this watch I've had my eyes on. The dial is unlike anything I can find online. I was told by the seller the hands were relumed, but that the dial was fully original. Knowing if this is a repainted dial, an unusual watch or a Frankenwatch would help...
  20. TAG Heuer
    Hello all, so I may purchase this watch soon, which would be my second Tag, however I had trouble finding the model online, so I have provided some photos before I decide to purchase her, no photos of the movement, but I'm almost sure its in there (signed mov.) .. Anyway, I'm not sure if it...
1-20 of 68 Results