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  1. Panerai PAM 48 40mm Authenticity Check

    Officine Panerai
    Hi - I'm looking at ordering a second hand Panerai PAM 48. Unfortunately, the seller won't allow returns and so I need to do what I can to verify authenticity before buying it. I've uploaded the images provided by the seller to imgur.. does anyone have a view on if this is or isn't authentic...
  2. How to authenticate a watch without AD paperwork?

    Public Forum
    Hi All- I want to have my new purchase appraised so that I can tack it onto my homeowners policy in the rare case that it's not on my wrist and something happens to it, I'd like to have it covered. I purchased my watch from Jomashop, have no doubt in my mind that it's real but a lot of watch...
  3. Help Authenticating Vintage Doxa

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Been reading the forum for a long time but this is my first post! I recently was at an antique market and picked up a vintage Doxa Anti-Magnetique. I was told there aren't too many fakes out there, but I'm not that familiar with the brand. It needs a new crystal, but I think the dial looks...
  4. Help judging authenticity of Patek Philippe watches

    High-end watches
    Hello everyone. I'm looking to buy a luxury watch for my wife for Valentine's day and came across two lovely vintage Patek Philippes that both fit her style. However, I'm not intimately familiar with the brand and was hoping that the knowledgeable folks here could assist in authenticating or...
  5. Need Help Authenticating a Jaeger Time Piece

    Hello-- I am considering a Jaeger watch for my graduation, but am unable to authenticate it. I am extremely weary of purchasing watches second hand over the bay or on Chrono24 because of the many horror stories of people buying or almost buying fake pieces. The seller has offered the watches...
  6. Help me authenticate?

    Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    A friend is trying to sell me this Rolex claiming it is real, just very old, but I have my doubts. Can anyone help me authenticate based on these pictures?
  7. Montblanc: Help me authenticate and Identify please. Thanks

    Public Forum
    Hi I'm new to this forum the reason I joined is that because I found a montblanc piece in one of my father's old cabinets. He couldn't remember this piece, could be his grandfather's or I dont know. But anyway, I was first wondering if this watch is authentic and if it is, would anyone of you...
  8. Help me Authenticate this Montblanc Watch

    Public Forum
    I posted a similar thread in the "high end" watch forum but was directed by another member to go to this one in the hopes of finding more Montblanc watch owners there. I purchased this watch last Friday and after some internet research have yet to find the model of this watch let alone its...
  9. Help me authenticate this Montblanc watch

    High-end watches
    I know this watch is not "high end" but I would appreciate input from everyone regarding this watch I purchased last Friday. I tried to do some research on the internet to find a similar watch but could not identify the model or from what collection. I even took it to a local dealer who told me...
  10. Don't know much about watches. Wondered if you guys could authenticate this watch!

    So I found a guy selling a Jaeger Lecoultre, and I know they're worth some money. He's claiming that his grandfather gave it to him as a gift and that it's authentic, but the price seemed too good to be true. He said the strap isn't authentic. I wondered if you guys could authenticate it for...
  11. Help authenticating a Hamilton pocket watch (lots of pics included)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello i have what seems to be a authentic Hamilton pocket watch (still working). There is some doubt this might be a fake which i'll explain why along with the pictures. Iv'e looked around the web for a couple of days now but no answer, so hopefully this is my last resort. The pictures were...
  12. looking for info on my skyhawks..

    I've got these 2 watches that i like very much. The AT i just got and really like, only i do prefer not having to pull the crown to change the mode on the black eagle. But the AT has backlighting so i guess it's alright. Anyways..i'd like to know how to find some info using the serial numbers on...
  13. So how exactly does an AD autheticate your watch... Tissot, for example. What makes them an AD?

    Public Forum
    Hi, I just bought a PRC200 online in an auction for $260. The feedback for the seller was only positive, with over 350 customers. I will of course get it authenticated, but how is this done exactly. Firstly, where would I go? I'm Australian... would I just go to any watch store that sells...
  14. Hey With Movado! Date & Help spot if fake if possible

    Public Forum
    Hi, sorry to ask, i needed help identifying this movado. Seems to be original. Second's hands glide, not tick. 10k RGP. Has a serial on the inside and its marked "MOVADO" on movement. Is there a way i could know an estimate on how old it is or if its genuine without taking it to an authorized...
  15. Authenticity of a Aquaracer

    TAG Heuer
    Recently acquired this piece, looks good to me but I am more familiar with the older models having owned a few older TAGs.
  16. Help, Is this Omega Seamaster Authentic?

    Omega Fake Busters
    I've always wanted an Omega. Not a lot of cash flowing around me now a days if you know what i mean, so I, like other went to ebay and found myself a good deal on one. Not a lot of info just state found and what not, and not a lot of pictures just these two. I'm about to pay for it, but i was...
  17. Should I be concern with my new Tag purchase

    TAG Heuer
    I just purchase the GC RS17 from an AD that stop carrying Tag Heuer. When I recieved the watch I notice that the watch come with the Tag generic box, not the big wooden box. The watch also did not come with the warranty card either. I called the AD they said they will ship the card to me...
  18. Please Help to Authenticate My Omega

    Hello, I have just purchased a used Omega watch - 2501.21.00 which the previous owner purchased in 1999. The seller described the movement as a chronometer with automatic mechanical winding and recently got a £250 service by Omega and was given a guarantee of 2 years. I wonder if the guarantee...
  19. Real deal? Some vintage Omegas. Might dive in.

    UPDATED: I eliminated two potentials and only have one I am now interested in... I've never purchased a 'vintage' watch before, but am getting the itch. Of course, as a complete novice, it's hard to know if I am going to get ripped, so... This one caught my eye. i just love it's look and am...
  20. Please help -- real SMP?

    Hello everyone, I received a SMP from my folks as a gift for finishing my masters -- it's a great watching, yet they're very hesitant to tell me where they picked it up. Finally my father told me that his friend got him a good deal, a price that I don't think is realistic for a real SMP. I was...