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  1. Public Forum
    I know AD sell at a profit margin of 40-50% or 100% markup( for brands like rolex, omega.. ), but what are the profit margin for grey market dealers? They usually sell the watches at a lower price, so the question is: do they have bigger margins/markups than ADs? AD profit margin threads: What...
  2. German watches
    I am just starting my watch journey and have a few questions. I have settled on Nomos to start, and thankfully have a dealer in town. I’m pretty sure I want a Tangente, but would like to go see it in person. I volunteer a lot in humanitarian aid and am considering the Doctors Without Borders...
  3. A. Lange & Söhne
    Thanks to a friend introducing me to ALS and then lurking in this forum too (!), I have fallen in love with a Lange 1 Moonphase, that I wanted to buy for myself as a promotion present 😁 I live in HK, and after visiting the ALS boutiques here a number of times to try it on and coo at it, I also...
  4. Public Forum
    I really hope this is the right place to post this. I am truly sorry if it is not. TL;DR: Seeking advice for a friend that has spent over USD500,000 on a brand and USD 390,000 at this AD. The AD did lots of unfair and bad things. 1.Opening watch without telling us. 2.randomly raising prices...
  5. Rolex & Tudor
    This is more of a funny question. Have you ever attempt to plot, trick, charm or flirt with an AD to get bumped up the list or be allowed to buy? List your failures and successes here!
  6. Public Forum
    Have You ever embarrassed yourself at an AD or a watchmaker's? A while ago I needed my bracelet resized so I took it to a watchmaker. They needed me to try it on and I was so anxious I couldn't open the clasp. The stares didn't help. Lets hear You'r stories!
  7. Casio G-Shock
    I've been wanting to buy my second g shock for a while now and I have some choices in mind. I'd like the peace of mind of buying from an AD so I've stumbled upon a few down here in Australia and I'd like some feedback from the forum before buying. ADs are 1.Ozdigitalwatch 2.Shiels
  8. Public Forum
    So I phoned up a jewellers here in the UK - they stock Rolex, Tudor, Omega etc and are well known. I asked them how much it would be just to take a link out of the bracelet of my Breitling - the reply was "oh, we don't do Breitling here, you should try xxxxx" (who it turns out are the AD in my...
  9. TAG Heuer
    I recently asked for my local AD to order me a case to replace a damaged one for an earlier model Formula1. She said it would be no problem and that I would not need anything other than to put a new crystal in the watch and transfer the movement from the old to new case. Here is where the...
  10. Cartier
    I'm looking to buy a second hand Cartier Must 21 for my gf and I have found two that look very nice and with a "good" price. They appear to be the same apart from the fact that one is 1330 and the other is 1340. What do these numbers mean? Are they related to the year in which the watch was...
  11. German watches
    Hello, I am new to automatic watches and am looking into getting a Nomos Ahoi Datum as my first watch automatic, however, I have a few questions. 1. I've read that there are certain hours when one should not adjust the time/date on the watch as it may damage it, does the Nomos Ahoi Datum have...
  12. Dive watches
    The wife and I are driving down from Atlanta to Kiawah for a long Labor Day Weekend at the beach. While we're down there I'm hoping to pick up a new SMPc at the local AD - Kiawah Fine Jewelry. Since this will be my first "fine watch" purchase, I was hoping everyone could help answer two...
  13. Omega
    The wife and I are driving down from Atlanta to Kiawah for a long Labor Day Weekend at the beach. While we're down there I'm hoping to pick up a new SMPc at the local AD - Kiawah Fine Jewelry. Since this will be my first "fine watch" purchase, I was hoping everyone could help answer two...
  14. Tissot
    Background: I am an Engineer/Conductor for a Canadian railway. I have been looking (for some time now) for a pocket watch for use at work. I don't like wearing wrist watches, and since I wear overalls at work, a pocket watch makes a good fit for me. The current rules are as follows: Every...
  15. Rolex & Tudor
    It's Official: Tudor Is Coming Back To The United States, And Soon! - HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories
  16. Omega
    After doing some research, I'm confused regarding the store Motion In Time located in New York. They offer cheap Planet Oceans on the site, so I'm thinking about buying it from them. But after reading costumer reviews, I'm not so sure on their reliability. My questions are...
  17. Public Forum
    I am going to buy an Omega PO or SMP in a couple of months and am now beginning to think about where i should buy it from, and more importantly where will i get the best deal. Any of you far more experienced folks able to advise what i should be considering in terms of where/how to purchase...
  18. Breitling
    Hi All, Could someone PM the details of a Breitling AD who gives generous discounts in London UK, please? Also, does anyone here know a ballpark figure of how much discount one could get off of a Breitling, specifically a Breitling Professional Aerospace. Many thanks!
  19. Hamilton
    Hi guys, Was just wondering if there is any Hamilton AD's in Australia? I've grown found of these watches and am hoping to make a purchase soon. I'm looking for an automatic movement preferably ETA 7750, decently priced. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks. V
  20. Omega
    Hi, Could someone PM the details of your favourite Omega Authorised dealer in London UK, please? As I'd love to get an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer and with a good discount. Many thanks!
1-20 of 21 Results