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  1. Watch Back Removal Tools

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Looking to buy a good watch back removal tool after the closure of my local shop because of the lockdown - question is they all seem really cheap and probably too cheap. Is there a great difference in quality ? Any brands worth looking at ? I was looking at this on the bay WATCH BACK CASE...
  2. FS: New OEM Seiko skx007 case and 009 back

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    ***SOLD*** Aloha, The case is new, the back is new but has some discoloration in the lettering and minor scratches. I just paid $138 for them both on ebay, thinking $120 shipped via USPS Priority to turn the funds around quickly. +$5 to Canada, enquire about elsewhere. Paypal goods and...
  3. What is this logo on the back?

    Hi All, I just purchased a Seiko Sportsman Calendar Diashock 17 jewels in an auction. It arrived today and it looks quite simple and beautiful, I am pleased with it. So far it is keeping time OK. Looking at the back the serial number starts with 42, so I believe it was made in February 1964...
  4. T2N677 replacement - help please!

    Affordable watches
    I fell in love with the Timex T2N677... I've been reading reviews ever since and, although I'm stil limpressed, I got a bit hesitant whether I should buy it or not. The thing that got me thinking is the one downside of this watch that quite a few have pointed out: it's very loud. I've been...
  5. Looking for some help finding my first watch

    Affordable watches
    Greetings folks, I've recently moved to a new continent and have decided to get a watch to mark the event, but I don't know very much about them. I've been perusing these forums for a bit though and have decided I want to go with a hand-winder. I'm also really keen on the display backs. I...
  6. Anyone has any information about this watch?

    Public Forum
    Other then it saying Bulova (says in the back 8002-1) and that it is a Qaurtz I can't find any sort of information about it, can't even find how to open the back. So if you had experience with this watch then I would be grateful for your help.
  7. How do I get the back of this Nixon off for a battery replacement?

    Affordable watches
    I've never seen a back like this, and need to replace the battery. I don't even see where specialized tools could get a grip. Thanks for any help!
  8. Proper instruction on pop off case back machining

    I might get torn up on this thread or be told to go read a book, but I just wanted to see if anyone with some experience in pop off case back making would be so kind to explain the process and how the pressure fit needs to be. Things like machining and turning process as well as the dimensions...
  9. Silly question, but on Divers and 10ATM/100m+ water resistance, do you always have to pressure seal?

    Public Forum
    Yeah, What I mean by that is if the case back comes off, does that automatically nulify the water resistance until it is pressure sealed again? I ask because I took one of my watches to one of those watch kiosk shops (wouldn't entirely call everyone of the people that work these places...
  10. watch case back cover: terminology/purchasing question

    Public Forum
    Hello, While replacing the batttery to my watch, I accidentally bent the snap-on back cover beyond repair. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a 35mm replacement snap-on back cover (google searching has been fruitless) ? Alternatively, can anyone tell me if I am using the...
  11. Access to movement in 46mm Square Watches (B&R style)

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello, I have quartz and automatic watches in the 46mm Bell & Ross style case. None have removable backs. All open from the front only. How can I reach the back of the movement to change the battery (quartz) or adjust the regulator arm (auto versions)? Thank you.
  12. Current Production G's with Screw Backs

    Casio G-Shock
    I just wanted to make sure my short list of current G's with screw case backs is complete. Please contribute any I missed JDM or otherwise. Going through the current catalog from Japan: Frogman GWF-1000 MR-G: tough to tell what that is, can't afford it anyway. Moot point for me. Giez...
  13. New Watch? - please read.

    Hi all, I recently became quite unpopular on the Omega forum, after saying that the Rolexes are better than the Omegas! However, I did say on there that I am only justifying the price of the Rolex, in excess of the Omega. But, I am back to make amends, and to offer my apologies to anyone...