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  1. Ordered a watch from Meranom 70 days ago and it's still in Russia.

    Russian watches
    I keep asking them for a refund and they tell me to keep waiting. I tried to call Paypal and they don't answer the phone due to the coronavirus so I filled out a form, which they sent to Meranom who will ignore it. Never again.
  2. BAD online shop alert: city watches uk

    Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Apologies if this is not the right forum to place this, but I want to warn against city which appears to be a fraud. It's a Singapore thing with unclear connection to U.K. Activities. Horrid shopping experience, had to escalate to PayPal in order to get my money back. In short: 1...
  3. Vacheron 222 not so good online experience with

    High-end watches
    Just want to share this experience getting a Vacheron 222. This is the non jumbo version at 34mm, with the crown and bezel its about 36mm. I thought it is a good deal for a rare nice watch. It looks vintage from the website images which are not very clear. There are some other images but not...
  4. Very disappointed with Hamilton Officer Field Khaki.

    After owning a few different Hammys, and until now being very satisfied with the brand, I'm just about done with Hamilton. The H70655733 // Cal. ETA 2895-2 is my most recent Hammy purchase. I was instantly attracted to it's simple and true military feel. Felt it was a vintage look that I didn't...
  5. Movado = Fashion watch = Bad?

    Fashion & Designers watches
    Hey folks SUMMARY I have been looking over the watchuseek forums for a while now, and I have come to realize that many, if not the more vocal members of the forums have a near vitriolic hatred for "fashion" watches. For example, when a newcomer with a genuine question discusses certain watch...
  6. Seiko SNK809 rattling noise?

    Well despite what some people said, I was given a Seiko SNK809 as a present. I love it, a couple seconds behind but that's okay. One thing I did notice was that when I shake it left to right or up and down I can her a rattling/ticking noise. Is that normal? Is it the rotor hitting the backing or...
  7. Fed up with Luminox/Saltzman's

    Public Forum
    This issue has been resolved beyond my expectations by Evan Saltzman, so I feel it is no longer neccessary to have my situation posted here. Thanks Evan!