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  1. Russian watches
    I keep asking them for a refund and they tell me to keep waiting. I tried to call Paypal and they don't answer the phone due to the coronavirus so I filled out a form, which they sent to Meranom who will ignore it. Never again.
  2. Watch Deals, Feedback & Reputation
    Apologies if this is not the right forum to place this, but I want to warn against city which appears to be a fraud. It's a Singapore thing with unclear connection to U.K. Activities. Horrid shopping experience, had to escalate to PayPal in order to get my money back. In short: 1...
  3. High-end watches
    Just want to share this experience getting a Vacheron 222. This is the non jumbo version at 34mm, with the crown and bezel its about 36mm. I thought it is a good deal for a rare nice watch. It looks vintage from the website images which are not very clear. There are some other images but not...
  4. Hamilton
    After owning a few different Hammys, and until now being very satisfied with the brand, I'm just about done with Hamilton. The H70655733 // Cal. ETA 2895-2 is my most recent Hammy purchase. I was instantly attracted to it's simple and true military feel. Felt it was a vintage look that I didn't...
  5. Fashion & Designers watches
    Hey folks SUMMARY I have been looking over the watchuseek forums for a while now, and I have come to realize that many, if not the more vocal members of the forums have a near vitriolic hatred for "fashion" watches. For example, when a newcomer with a genuine question discusses certain watch...
  6. Seiko
    Well despite what some people said, I was given a Seiko SNK809 as a present. I love it, a couple seconds behind but that's okay. One thing I did notice was that when I shake it left to right or up and down I can her a rattling/ticking noise. Is that normal? Is it the rotor hitting the backing or...
  7. Public Forum
    This issue has been resolved beyond my expectations by Evan Saltzman, so I feel it is no longer neccessary to have my situation posted here. Thanks Evan!
1-7 of 9 Results