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  1. 7S/4R/6R cap jewels/springs & balance reference/cheat sheet

    Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    Over the past few years of collecting, modding and restoring 7S/4R/6R movements, I've run across recurring scenarios: - Cap jewel flies across the room, cursing ensues - Balance/hairspring limits the amplitude, QC issue (newer) or corrosion (older), needs replacing - Movement is missing balance...
  2. Help identifying balance shock system

    Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone here can help me out with this odd looking shock system on the balance of a budget vintage swiss watch. The movement seems to be a Ronda as it has the logo of a star with RL inside. Its marked Cal.1217 1 Jewel Swiss, Agonchrom Watch Co. The movement was...
  3. Balance problem

    I have a balance with a visually weak amplitude (no timing machine available, but it's obvious, especially when running next to an identical and healthy movement) that slows and even stops in certain positions, although rather unreliably (sometimes it'll stop as I rotate the movement around in...
  4. Rolex Super Balance Question

    Rolex & Tudor
    I have 3 Rolex Super balance wheels and was wondering if there is any way to determine what caliber movement they are for (i.e. from diameter, etc.)? One is in a Rolex envelope marked NA and 2 are in unmarked containers. Pictures are attached. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Can a movement be converted to a freesprung balance?

    If I took 1 movement with a standard pin/screw regulator system, and another movement with a freesprung balance wheel, would it be possible to switch them around? Let's assume the balance wheels were a similar size. I would be very interested in experimenting with a freesprung balance conversion...
  6. PRE SIHH 2014: Baume & Mercier presents three new Clifton Chronographs - Oh boy ....

    SIHH - Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie
    My first thought was "Oh Boy..", my second thought was "Wow, Gorgeous!". My third thought was "what price would they be?", and finally "Can I afford?" I'm sure you will have your own thoughts, so please allow me to introduce to you the new Clifton Chronographs: 43 mm Clifton Chronograph "the...
  7. Quality of materials in Chinese movements?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Does anyone have some insight into the quality of materials in Chinese watch movements, in particular the factories other than Sea-Gull? Are any of the balance wheel and hairspring materials comparable to that of their Swiss/Japanese counterparts? Is there a Chinese glycodur balance wheel, or...
  8. A. Lange & Söhne - seeking and finding the Perfect Harmony

    A. Lange & Söhne
    A. Lange & Söhne - Bringing To Life
  9. Watch with two balances?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    The watch showcased on SeaGull's website front page has two balances. I believe one is in a tourbillon arrangement. Why would it have a second balance?
  10. Striking Gold!!

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    Hi all, Just wanted to do my first proper post with a little story of my good luck and then ask a quick question re spare parts and tools. My watch mending experience began the day I totally wrecked a watch belonged to my brother when I was 12. My father went mental and never forgot. When I...
  11. How a Watch Works

    Links & Articles
    There are a lot of very good videos on YouTube explaining how a watch works. Here are some for your convenience:
  12. $250 for Rado repair?

    Public Forum
    I recently got a watch from a friend to feed my new-found obsession with watches. It was a Rado Conway that I got for a steal since it was not running, so I thought it just had to be serviced. I went to the repair shop and apparently the balance wheel is broken and it will take $250 to fix it...
  13. Repairing Agat Stopwatch

    Russian watches
    I have a new Agat 60 minute stopwatch that I had just finished running for six weeks to get the pivot points a bit broken in. It was stopped when it fell about a meter onto a stone floor and now the balance is out of its jewels. Is this possible to repair by removing the screw positioning the...
  14. WTB Balance bridge—1915 trench

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I recently purchased this watch, it has a balance wheel and spring but is missing the screw and bridge. Does anyone have trench parts for sale or a lead on where I can find a bridge? I have already checked ebay. Thanks.
  15. Article on mechanical watch basics, by ulackfocus

    Links & Articles
    Mechanical Watch Basics written by ulackfocus A watch is an intricate machine. For any machine to function it must be supplied with energy. A mechanical watch is "fueled" by it's wearer, either by manual winding or with the motion of your wrist depending on the type of movement. The force of...
  16. Balance wheel Issues OME Cosmic Cal 1012

    Hello, this is my first post in WUS, so greetings to all of you!! Well, before i start with my concern, I just want to make clear that i'm not a professional watchmaker:-s, but im learning and is pretty fun for me, but theres moment like this one that kills me, and those are the problems with...
  17. What are some watches with a free sprung balance?

    Public Forum
    Does anyone know any fairly inexpensive watches (less than $500), vintage or otherwise, that have a free sprung balance? Thanks!!
  18. Screwed balance wheel for 6497/8

    Does anyone know if there are screwed balance wheels available for an ETA Unitas 6497 or 6498? I am starting a project and really prefer the look. I checked Borel and Frei and did not see them, any other thoughts? Thanks, Josh