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  1. Some aspects of usability of ABC sensor in pictures. Elevation-barometer

    Digital & ABC watches
    So, there is opinion about how ABC is useful to predict weather and how you can entertain yourself with graphs and things. For sure it increases functionality of the watch yet it comes with certain limitations which i want to illustrate in pictures. I start today at home Watch shows 185m of...

    Casio G-Shock
    HELP PLEASE.... i have a black and olive rangeman, i tried swapping their modules following the steps in this thread... HOWEVER, my black rangeman's barometer and altimeter readings indicate ERR (error), unlike my olive rangeman.... i tried returning the modules to their original case but the...
  3. Breva live report

    JCK 2015 Las Vegas
    Breva is one of this cool high-end independent brand which pushes the boundaries of mechanical engineering on a timepiece. Breva is about measuring the environment around you so you can not only tell the time, but also atmospheric pressure or measure the altitude and speed. The Génie 01 has...
  4. Looking for an analogue watch!

    Public Forum
    Hello! I am a watch fan and just discovered these forums! I have been looking for a good looking analogue type watch with a thermometer, altitude and compass. I already own a Suunto Ambit, so I am now looking at a classic analogue design. I love the Citizen Altichron Analog Altimeter Compass...
  5. WTT: Rare orange Casio PAG240 for any dive or tritium watch (+money your way perhaps)

    WTT - Trade Corner
    The PAG240 is in perfect condition, not a single mark on it. A conservative 93%. I can send some pictures if you need :) Any offer is considered! I'm more than happy to put money towards the trade if need be. I'd prefer to trade for a dive or tritium watch, but I'll consider other offers too :)
  6. CASIO advances PRO TREK series with innovative new timepiece

    Casio G-Shock
    PRW3000-1 Boasts Smaller Sensor and Lower Power Consumption with Casio’s Triple Sensor Version 3 Technology DOVER, NJ (August 20, 2013) – Known for its rugged, stylish and versatile timepieces, Casio America, Inc. continues to raise industry standards with the introduction of the PRW3000-1 to...
  7. Génie 01 by Breva: It’s sunny on your wrist no matter the weather!

    The Breva Génie 01 is the world’s first wristwatch with time, altimeter, barometer – for forecasting the weather – and power reserve indications provided by a fully mechanical movement, much of which is on display through the open dial and display back. The proprietary movement of the Génie 01...
  8. Anyone remember the old Casio Pro Trek with an actual weather display?

    Public Forum
    I remember around 2002 I bought a Casio Pro-Trek from ebay that had a Barometer and Thermometer, as well as a weather display at the top. It showed the sun when the weather was good, and clouds when the weather was bad. I loved this watch so much, and thought it was a rare find. Unfortunately I...
  9. Ambit Elevation Data Inaccuracy Driving Me Nuts!

    Hi Group. I have a new Suunto Ambit and elevation data inaccuracies are driving me nuts. I've read the manual (multiple times), various forums and FAQs, called Suunto (they said it sounded like everything was functioning as expected), reset the GPS (multiple times), etc. Anyway, my obsessive...
  10. Need an abc watch for climbing/hiking ect

    Digital & ABC watches
    Hello everyone, i need a new watch. Ive been looking at abc watches an i need help choosing one. The functions should be accurate and the watch should be robust. so far i've been looking at this: Casio PRO-TREK Men's Radio Controlled Solar Digital Watch PRW-2500T-7ER with Titanium Strap: Casio...
  11. Suunto Observer Head Only $100 plus shipping

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I've got a nice Suunto Observer, SS, regular LCD (white on black) that I'm not wearing anymore (I have two). No strap or bracelet, but in very good condition and fully functional. How about $100US plus shipping? Contact me here. Abundant references on request. See photos.
  12. CASIO introduces NEW Camouflage PRO TREK Timepiece

    Casio G-Shock
    Casio America, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest Pro Trek watch, the PRG550B-5. Ideal for a variety of outdoor activities and adventures, Casio’s Pro Trek PRG550B-5 delivers enhanced features and capabilities. The PRG550B-5 is the newest addition to Casio's Pro Trek line of...
  13. Timex Men's Expedition Adventure Tech Altimeter Barometer Watch - FREE LIFETIME BATTERY REPLACEMENTS

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Up for sale is a Timex Men's Expedition Adventure Tech Altimeter Barometer watch. I also have the original card that entitles the owner to FREE LIFETIME BATTERY REPLACEMENTS. I am the original owner and the original box comes with the watch however I do not have the manual but you can download...
  14. Thermometer/Barometer/Altimeter issues

    Casio G-Shock
    Hey guys im new to g shocks and just got the GDF -100 yesterday but it came with no literature or manual whatsoever. It has a barometer and a thermometer and an altimeter. I already found out how you need to constantly reset the altimeter and thats too much work so irdc about that. But my...
  15. ABC recommendation

    Digital & ABC watches
    Please pardon a noob question, but I could use a little help cutting through all of the available ABC options out there. It would be used mainly for multiday backpacking and, as I see it, the musts are: 1) Accurate altimeter/barometer (most reviews I've looked at so far always seem to have at...
  16. i need expert's opinions on my thoughts!!

    Digital & ABC watches
    i need expert's opinions on my thoughts:think: Casio prg 240: |>excellent quality, SOLAR <| NO alti lockand mean sea level WHY?,id like to have tide and moon phase Casio paw 2000: |>same exactly as 240 plus radiosync <|NO alti lockand mean sea level WHY?,id like to have tide and moon phase...
  17. Looking for a special G-shock

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi, Im new to the forums, nice place by the way, and want to say hello to all :) . Well I have a Casio aqw-101 main features wanted from this watch at begining was the moon phase (pretty nice) and the fishing gear that works great sometimes, anyways I love this watch, but after understanding a...
  18. Origo Traverse Peak ABC watch NEW in BOX price reduction $50 shipped!!!

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Origo Traverse Peak ABC watch NEW in BOX Greetings all, I bought this watch to sate my curiosity about the brand and...
  19. Origo Traverse Peak ABC watch NEW in BOX

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Greetings all, I bought this watch to sate my curiosity about the brand and this watch in particular. It turns out it is a great watch. I only put it on my wrist once to see how it looked. I liked it. However, I have 4 ABC watches and I do not need another. Asking $75 shipping included. Amazing...