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  1. average barrel rotations?

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    I have been reading an old patent for research, and it said that the barrel in the system displayed had about a 30 hour power reserve and needed 4 turns of the arbor to wind. It did not, however, mention the size or the amount of teeth on the barrel (or any of the other gears), so I don't know...
  2. single barrel vs. large barrel vs. twin barrel

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    I am doing some research and a lot of people are saying that a large barrel is less accurate than a single barrel and a twin barrel is more accurate than a large barrel. There are some things I can't figure out though. I can see why a large barrel makes the movement less accurate, because it...
  3. Power crisis!

    I'm suffering with a power crisis and need help! I'm working on a vintage diver... it's a cheaper mechanical Sheffield and I actually got a couple of them on eBay in an attempt to rehab one with the extra pieces. It all looks great (washed, inspected, re-assembled) until I wind it up. For a...
  4. Diastar, Barrel, Cushion, Oval Shaped Cases Discussion

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello Folks, We have a discussion here in this thread, and I guess it is miss placed :( We need help from you vintage people :) Looking for a Rado Diastar looks brand new watches, any suggestions? And also need help for the terminology...
  5. Double barrel movements

    Would anyone here be able to provide photos or illustrations of the different double barrel movement setups? I realize that in one setup, one barrel feeds power to the other, and delivers torque more evenly over time. While the other setup just serves to provide a longer power reserve. But can...
  6. Newbie question

    I recently bought some old elgin pocket watch movements off eBay. They are of varying sizes and all are early 1900's pocket watches. I've taken one apart and cleaned the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner. However, while I have it apart, I wanted to test the mainspring. It's currently in its barrel...
  7. Double barrel movements - do they all have the effect of providing power more evenly?

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    I know that some double barrel movements use the extra barrel primarily to even out variations in power that is provided. While most double barrel movements are to increase power reserve. My question is: do double barrel movements that have the extra barrel for the purpose of increasing power...
  8. How a Mechanical Watch works

    Basically 5 elements are needed. It's this simple:
  9. The barrel

    is this doxa barrel interchangeable with other calibres? this is calibre AS 1147 i've found a calibre that resembles this one (the three jewel bridge is the same) but with the gears that help wind the barrel different . could it be a good match for the barrel of the AS 1147? thanks