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  1. Watch Back Removal Tools

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    Looking to buy a good watch back removal tool after the closure of my local shop because of the lockdown - question is they all seem really cheap and probably too cheap. Is there a great difference in quality ? Any brands worth looking at ? I was looking at this on the bay WATCH BACK CASE...
  2. Batteries on Mondaine Smart Watches.

    Smart Watches
    I am interested in one of these, but it says that the battery can only be changed by an authorized service center at a high cost every two years. I am wondering if I can change it myself. I have tried to find Youtube videos or instructions, but no luck. Anyone...
  3. What is the longest lasting, most leak-free battery brand? (for quartz watches)

    Affordable watches
    Frequently Asked Questions About Watch Batteries Top 5 Batteries for Watches and Time Pieces | eBay
  4. Seiko Kinetics - converting to regular quartz - using regular non-rechargeable batteries

    Hi there! I'm not really sure if I should post this here or in the technical section, but since I had this same question and I'm guessing others out there may have it too, I reckon it has a bit more visibility here. As with many others, I own a couple Seiko Kinetics. 5M42, 5J22, 7L22. And as...
  5. Can anyone help with batteries required for these models?

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi folks, I'm wanting to change the batts in a number of my watches, the original manuals for which are of course boxed up in the loft and I can't get to having hurt my foot recently. I was disappointed to go to Casio's online manuals only to discover very brief summaries, not the original...
  6. A couple of questions....

    Casio G-Shock
    I just decided that changing my new Mudman G9000-1v batteries myself is the way to go, Basicly because i hate people touching my stuff b-) . I watched sjor's video on battery change, but i still need someone to share their experiences on the issue with me (preferably on a muddie). the other...
  7. free batteries?

    Casio G-Shock
    anyone have some g-shocks needing the batteries replaced? i have a load of batteries that i'm not going to use, so if you're in need let me know... i might charge you a couple of $ for shipping, but thats all...