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  1. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello. actually, nothing unusual, except the location of the date window. maybe there is some special name for a watch with this solution? I did not find the same on the web. I would like to know the period of production, what is the movements model? I also ask for your opinion is the hands...
  2. High-end watches
    You feel the engine start to shake and smoke starts to pour out from under the hood. "Ugh… just great!" you say to yourself. Annoyed you pull to the side of the road and start to cuss to yourself as you turn on your hazards and prepare for the latest practice in futility (If only you had...
  3. Zenith
    A privileged partner of BaselWorld since its early days, Zenith celebrated its 90th participation - an absolute record - with the press and its retailers from around the world at a supersonic press conference. Over 150 guests congregated in the Von Bartha Garage art gallery in Basel to attend...
  4. 2013
    First impression of the beautiful new architecture: And a Panorama: In the afternoon we'll attend the HYT, Christophe Claret, and the Zenith press conference. The latter featuring Mr. Felix Baumgartner, the man that dropped down to the earth from space, wearing a Zenith Stratos...
  5. High-end watches
    Please click the link to see URWERK's 2012 'Timecodes' URWERK T1MEC0DES 2012
  6. Public Forum
    Just for the fun. What is Wrong (WiW) in the picture below? Let's see your WiW puzzle :-!
  7. Zenith
    Zenith Ambassador, Felix Baumgartner earned his place in the history books on Sunday after overcoming concerns with the power for his visor heater that impaired his vision and nearly jeopardized the mission. Wearing the all-new El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th chronograph, Baumgartner...
  8. Zenith
    Less than 2 hours until the next launch window opens to send Felix to the stratosphere! Stay tuned and follow Felix Baumgartner and his El Primero Stratos live stream on:
  9. Zenith
    With the second launch attempt set to take place this weekend, if the weather window continues to hold, Felix Baumgartner was asked how he was coping with the delay and if he was confident of a Sunday launch. With all this waiting, how do you keep yourself so positive? I am here with my...
  10. Zenith
    On September 17th 2012, over 250 guests - including journalists, retailers and clients - from around the world congregated in the Musée des Arts et Métiers (Arts and Crafts Museum) in Paris to celebrate the stellar PILOT collection by Zenith. Through this collection, Zenith is reasserting its...
1-10 of 10 Results