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  1. Which Watches Should The BBC’s Highest Paid Presenters Buy Based On Their Salaries?

    News from the Watch Industry
    There are certain phenomena you only find in Britain, and nowhere else. Some of these include plastic bowls in kitchen sinks, the odd habit of saying ‘sorry’ instead of ‘excuse me’ when you want to squeeze by, and the beefy beverage known as Bovril. But as from today, you can add another ‘only...
  2. BBC Precision - The Measure of All Things - Time and Distance

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Searched but couldn't see this posted anywhere. Saw this the other night on the beeb and thought it was bloody interesting. Gives the history of time and distance and fascinating facts about both. enjoy
  3. The Rotary Club

    Affordable watches
    I notice that the "British" watch brand Rotary not getting very much love here. They make some amazing looking watches for the money. I almost got one...but I hear that the Chinese movement is rubbish and the hands fall off. Oh well...I really like it mostly because it looks class and I am a...
  4. Pink DW-6900 Review!

    YouTube - Casio G-Shock Pink DW-6900
  5. Pink G-Shock DW-6900 Review!

    YouTube - Casio G-Shock Pink DW-6900
  6. DW-5600 Review!

    YouTube - Casio G-Shock Navy Blue DW-6900 Review Enjoy :D
  7. DW-6900 Review!

    YouTube - Red Casio G-Shock DW-6900 ENJOY :D
  8. komandirskie BBC

    Russian watches
    Can you help again Mark (or someone)? I did look at your web page but I can’t find it. Is this a real komandirskie, what does the BBC stand for?