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  1. Show me your Hamilton "beater" watch(es)

    However you define "beater" watch. Here are mine: a marathon navigator next to my daily khaki field mech... both of which are enhanced with a little wear and tear imo.
  2. Amazon Warehouse deal Pro diver to wear as a beater... and to save my Omega!

    Affordable watches
    I recently purchased a lovely 1995 Seamaster Pro 300m 2561 which I am currently wearing incredibly carefully as it still has a newness to me and I'd like to keep it nice for years to come. To help finance this I sold off some watches that I used to wear more regularly. This has meant my Seiko...
  3. Citizen Aqualand JP2000-08E

    This is my short review of the Citizen Aqualand which I bought as a beater watch alternative to my Grand Seiko Quartz. I wanted a quite affordable watch with decent water resistance, build quality and features, but also wanted a fun watch. I don’t dive, but the watch had to handle heavy rain, a...
  4. I need to replace my beater!

    Affordable watches
    I accidentally sheared the stem right off of my timex Explorer while putting the bagger on my garden tractor.:-| It was an OK watch, but the stem would somehow end up crunched down every now and again, and I'd have to coax it up to activate the Indiglo.... In any case, I'm looking to replace...
  5. Quick Sale on Beater Watch - $35 - $50

    eBay Auctions
    Nixon Corporal Watch SS - White Dial - Bright Lume - Grey Canvas Strap. Condition is Pre-owned. Ebay Item number: copy and paste in to ebay search bar: 323808714868 For quick sale!! I am selling my Nixon Corporal watch from my collection. There are no defects with this watch. It runs...

    eBay Auctions
    Rule 4. ONE announcement (auction link, URL, or Item Number) per day (i.e. 24 hour period) either by post, link, or by BUMP!
  7. Hands On Review: Casio G-Shock "Gorillaz Remix" aka DW-5600HR

    Well, I never thought I'd review a digital watch. they just aren't the sort of thing I usually look for when I want a watch. However, I needed a cheap reliable beater for when I'm at the gym or doing gardening etc. And so I came across the G-Shock 5600, gorillaz remix edition, which is just a...
  8. sapphire crystal upgrades on affordable watches

    Affordable watches
    When do cheap-o to affordable watches warrant a sapphire crystal upgrade? Would it make more sense to upgrade the crystal on your daily beater, or less? can just about any analog watch be upgraded with Spphr Crstl?
  9. Magrette Regattare Bronze

    Dive watches
    ... the good ol' beater wrist companion got a new outfit ... they only get sexier with time
  10. Seiko SKX007 Conundrum

    The Seiko SKX007 was my first automatic watch and served me well as I began my collection. But the more automatics I have owned, the more I have grown dissatisfied with my increasingly battered old standby. I have become fond of watches with hacking and hand winding. And my SKX007 never had much...
  11. Which Micro Brand Chronograph is Your Favorite???

    Public Forum
    Hey all, I'm looking for a meca quartz chronograph. I am currently considering the following: Moto Koure MK I Mecha-Quartz Helgray Silverstone Stuckx Bullhead Boldr Journey Which would you pick? What else would you recommend I take a look at?
  12. Fossil Defender Hamilton W10 Homage Watch w/Custom Leather Straps

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD!! For sale is a handsome Fossil Defender Series wristwatch. Long out of production and getting harder to find, this model is styled after the vintage Hamilton W10 military-issued watch and features a slightly domed crystal, quartz movement, brushed case and a custom-made minimal-stitch...
  13. Homage Astronaut Speedy Chrono Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD!!! This is an cool homage of the vintage Speedmaster watch that I picked up recently from a fellow WUS member. Features tachymeter bezel, Quartz movement, sub dials, Overall condition is very good. The sub dials do not function as a true chronograph. Comes on a 20mm leather strap (striped...
  14. Wear a $700 watch everyday????

    Public Forum
    Hey, I recently bought an Invicta 8926 as an everyday beater. I've been wanting to get back into watches. I really love the 8936 but my wrists are rather large. I'm not a huge guy but for one reason or another I have larger wrists. This watch though really nice looks way too small on me. So...
  15. Please Help in deciding which watch I should get!!!

    Dive watches
    I guess most post start off that way. And alot people say that you should do ones research before posting but this one hits some far points of the watch brands but this is a legit post. I have always wanted a Omega Seamaster and have lusted over one for many years. I am a student an cant afford...
  16. Tritium!

    Public Forum
    Alright so even though i just got the LE silver blue monster i want something wit tritium. My mates and i are planning a camping trip and already one of the rules is no phones. So now im looking for a watch using tritium tubes. First off its for camping and sports too. So it has to be able to...
  17. WTB: Atomic/solar G-Shock, beater condition

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hello - I crushed my last G-shock (yes the horror) at the job site last week, and am on the hunt for another. Safe queens aren't required, but my request it that it be solar and atomic. Must function perfectly. Must be cheap ;) Top of the list would be a riseman, or maybe a gw-3000, if the...
  18. FS: IWC GST CHRONO SS Auto 40mm Black Dial USD $2375 w/ Box and Paper

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale is my authentic IWC GST Stainless Steel Automatic Chronograph ( Ref:3707-008 )in black dial in good working condition.What you see is what you get. Price is $2375 plus shipping. I have excellent international reference and sold many on TZ and Ebay. Email me if you have other questions.
  19. SOLD: Wenger Beater - Sapphire Crystal - $45

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hello - I've got a Wenger quartz watch in TZ good condition. This has a nice sapphire crystal which is in great shape. There is a ding on the left side of the case - please refer to the pictures. Caseback shows light wear with a scratch from a previous battery change. Bracelet shows wear...
  20. WTB - Solar/atomic Riseman - Found one!!

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    My search is now over - thanks!! Hello - I'm looking for a solar/atomic riseman, with the dragon caseback. I'm not looking for a safe queen - TZ 80-85 is acceptable. I need a reliable beater for, you know, beating on. I'm looking to spend around $75.... I would have some watches for trade...