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  1. G-Shock GW-M5610BB-1ER

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    Hi All, Im selling my G-Shock GW-M5610BB-1ER as it doesn't get any wrist time anymore. Hardly used really and is very good condition. Comes with original box, papers, hang tag, strap (unused), bull bars, nato converters and a khaki nato with pvd hardware. UK only, PayPal, shipped Royal Mail...
  2. FS Bulova 96B169 beater or project runs good - $69 shipped

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    Scratched up Bulova Men's 96B169 Classic round bracelet Watch Bulova great beater or project. I don't have the time. Will ship in USPS Priority envelope. PM your email and I will send PayPal invoice. Thanks
  3. Armourlite Caliber

    Affordable watches
    I was looking to replace by Timex Explorer, which bit the dust when the crown sheared off during yardwork. I had a bunch of checkboxes. It needed to be grab and go (so quartz); it needed to be submersible for fishing; it has to be able to take a bit of a beating; not so expensive that I'd feel...
  4. Cleaning out the watch case - SA - Affordable

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    Swiss Army with strap - Overall Good Condition Needs battery - $25 (obro) + actual shipping
  5. Automatic Beater for Construction and Woodworking?

    Public Forum
    Hello watch fam, I invest in real estate and do a lot of my own renovating, and also enjoy woodworking as a hobby. As a consequence of this, I work with my hands and generate a lot of shock to my wrist while chiseling and banging. I've always used cheap Casio digital quartz watches (G-shock)...
  6. Liandu or Epozz?

    Affordable watches
    Hi All, I'm looking for a cheap beater watch to wear doing yard work, at the gym, and maybe hiking or other outdoorsy activities. Ideally with an analog display, a chronograph or stopwatch, and some level of waterproof. In between being outbid on the daily crop of G-Shocks on eBay, I saw some...
  7. SOLD: Grab & Go CERTINA DS-2 HAQ (sold) and TECHNE HARRIER 386 ALU (SOLD) -- mint & priced2sell!

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    SOLD: Grab & Go CERTINA DS-2 HAQ (sold) and TECHNE HARRIER 386 ALU (SOLD) -- mint & priced2sell! BOTH WATCH ARE SOLD, THANK YOU BUYERS, AND THANK YOU WUS! All prices included PP fees and USPS Priority shipping. Canadian members please expect to pay for additional postage (usually around...
  8. Casio G-Shock GLS-5600CL-5 — My ideal beater

    For long time I was looking for a G-Shock watch that could match the following criteria: must be in traditional square design; and should have somewhat advanced module (snooze alarm, configurable backlight, etc.); but preferably that is non-solar-powered and non-radio-controlled. GLS-5600CL...
  9. Magrette Regattare Bronze

    Dive watches
    ... the good ol' beater wrist companion got a new outfit ... they only get sexier with time
  10. Opinions/Suggestions

    Affordable watches
    Hey there! I am new to this forum, and recently (as of a few months ago), have gotten into watches. It started with just changing the battery of one of my first watches (The Wenger 79076), and then it kind of snowballed from there. I have, for the most part, more affordable watches (anywhere...
  11. Best Value Seiko Diver <40mm ?

    Dear Seiko Masters, I am looking for a true beater, and would like your recommendation regarding a mechanical time piece that is <$500 and has terrific water resistance and under 40mm. It would be a plus to have GMT function, and I understand that that will likely push the price to $500 +...
  12. How hard do you beat it?

    Public Forum
    Simple question, how hard do you beat it? Take your minds out of the gutter…. Your beater watch. Does it really take a beating? I have been thinking about this lately. I’ve had a Fortis B-42 Flieger Chrono for many years as my beater. It got an average of two days a week wrist time...
  13. Wearing a nice watch on a daily basis vs beater watch?

    Public Forum
    When it comes to watches, I like to wear one most of the time. However, sometimes it seems a little over-the-top to wear a high-end watch. When it comes to going to events, working in a an office, and attending a nighttime event/dinner, I am all for wearing the best you have. However, for...
  14. Please suggest mechanical vacation/weekend watch with charisma :)

    Public Forum
    Hello There, please give your suggestion. I’m enjoying my Speedy Pro for a few days already and started thinking about my second watch :) The watch which I can take on summer vacation, or when going out (or outdoor), or when just do not want to show somebody that I’m nuts enough to put a price...
  15. MKII Vantage - Fully Serviced

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    WITHDRAWN *No trades, please and thank you. *Price: $ PayPal shipped in CONUS. Which means I am responsible for fees and USPS priority shipping in the United States. If elsewhere, we can discuss actual costs. *Yes, I have plenty of feedback and references. *I would strongly prefer to deal...
  16. Cheapest sexy high domed sapphire crystal military watch?

    Affordable watches
    Hi everyone! In this never-ending quest for the watch that could round and complete our collection I've been looking for a military inspired beater watch, ideally automatic, but that's not as important as the beautifully warm, nostalgic and sexy domed sapphire crystal protecting a classic dial...
  17. Micro-review: Dagaz Thunderbolt

    Affordable watches
    Alright, I've now had this for a month or thereabout, so I think I can give a reasonably balanced impression. As some of you might remember, I picked thisone up based on forum recommendations in the theme of "give me a rock-solid watch in $xyz limit". So. Dagaz Thunderbolt. Overall, I like...
  18. FS: Marathon JSAR $275 **SOLD**

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    For sale: Marathon JSAR 2009 issue, this watch is a daily wear, tool watch. It has been worn and enjoyed with marks to prove it. There are some dings and scratches on the SS body, and on the bezel but the Crystal is clear. Lume is fantastic and watch is keeping good time. The battery was...
  19. FS: Tissot Navigator Chronograph

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD - Lemania 1343-powered Tissot Navigator - thick case. This one's no Beauty Queen but she runs and resets like she should (full disclosure: the reset is a bit sticky sometimes). Just the thing to wear when you're rebuilding your rat bike, or tearing down those walls you don't need no more...
  20. Help please - need a working watch

    Public Forum
    Hello all, Been a lurker for a while, thought I'd finally dive in - I'm about to start work, and need a watch that'll do a few specific things, namely: Really good illumination Day/date Quartz movement Tough enough to stand some serious knocks Will take a NATO/ZULU strap Under £300 -...