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  1. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Looking to buy an extra Bezel for a Boschett Harpoon. I have White. Would like a black ceramic or a Stainless Steel (Preferably with red numbers on the 5 & 10 min marks)
  2. Orient
    Hello Guys, I just bought Orient Kamasu Pepsi and it is great watch however I am not pleased with the bezel insert being metal and I would like to invest to the new insert. With quick search I found out that regular insert will not fit due to the pretrusions in the bezel and only opotion is to...
  3. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    This is a brand new genuine G Shock bezel from PacParts that I purchased from them March this year. Colour is opaque black with grey lettering Part # 10292707. It’s for model GLX 5600 but is also suitable for other 5600 models. Please do your own due diligence if you want to use it for any...
    $20 USD
  4. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD...funds pending... Up for sale, a 24 hour bezel for a Jet Graph. This is the 24 hour bezel ONLY, and does not include the bezel spring or red pointer bezel. It is in excellent condition, but does have a few very superficial scratches. Overall condition is quite nice. Why am I selling...
    $350 USD
  5. Watchmaking
    I've just finished servicing my brother's Tissot PR100 automatic (ETA 2892 movement). Bought in the 1980s, he had never had it serviced before and had not worn it since it started behaving erratically many years ago. I'm delighted to say that the movement is now running with an accuracy of...
  6. Omega
    Hello guys, hope you're all doing well. I recently got offered this vintage speedmaster that seems to be in a very rough condition and it has missing bezel. The movement seems in a good condition but i think it has been replaced. The seller asks for 2500$ in this condition. Any help would be...
  7. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Must take them both, just pay me for shipping :)
    $1 USD
  8. Seiko
    Hello everyone! I am a new watchuseek member, nice to meet y'all! With this post I'm asking your help to find a Seiko 7005-8050 (P62MAS) bezel since I really couldn't find it anywhere (ebay, vintage seiko parts websites, etc.). I know a user of this forum posted some of these bezels once, but...
  9. Dive watches
    Hi all, I have had the re issue of the CASD for about a year now and been curious about a different color bezel. I’ve seen some vintage examples with a blue bezel and think it’s pretty sharp especially with the red sub-dial accent. Has anyone found replacement bezels/know how I would start with...
  10. Public Forum
    I need your help, badly. I have an older model spinnaker Cahill and I broke the glass bezel. I am trying to find a replacement bezel. The Dimensions of the bezel insert is: OD:38.5 ID:32. I cannot find a bezel for my life that fits these dimensions. Would a 38mm look okay? Or would that look...
  11. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I finally got a chance to purchase the Shanghai #114 reissue diver watch from the Shanghai's JD flagship store. It came with a retail bag, full packaging, manual, holographic guarantee card - the works. The lovely royal blue box feels truly well made and is embossed luxuriously with the...
  12. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Brand new Seiko OEM Sarb033/035 Polished Bezel Bought as a spare when I had my 035. Never used. $35.00 PP CONUS No Trades
    $35 USD
  13. Public Forum
    Here is a sample from Yes Watch of what Im trying to find in a mechanical watch. Im trying to eliminate the conversion of military time to standard time when in PM because that takes me just as much time as converting a different time zone on non GMT watches. Any suggestions? Take care.
  14. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    For sale is a new old stock bezel for a Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570. These are getting increasingly hard to find as Rolex will only switch them out during service and no longer sells them to independent watchmakers. The distinctive bezel with its sunburst pattern is the first thing you notice...
    $900 USD
  15. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Bought. Thank you! Looking for a Sinn black bezel for a U1 or U2. Any out there? I'd prefer a CONUS transaction. Thanks for looking.
  16. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Would like to hopefully sell as a bundle. In used condition,does have scratches here and there. Bezel colors are dark grayish,stonewash,and shiny chrome all bezels will show signs of scratches here and there same goes for the watch strap. 145 cad shipped For any concerns please don’t...
    $145 CAD
  17. Watchmaking, How To's and Technical Resources
    My skx007 bezel is still very hard to rotate even after getting a new gasket and lubing it with silicone grease. I've tried taking it out, relubing it, cleaning the bezel and case and click spring, I've done seeming everything I could find on this forum and any other forum except put WD40 in the...
  18. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Complete bezel. For all "Bond" 41 mm blue wave Seamasters, including but not limited to: 2531.80 2541.80 2220.80 2221.80 And all variations (GMT, limited editions etc) No dents or visible scratches, condition is excellent, luminous mark is bright at night. Located in Los Angeles, can be shipped...
  19. Seiko
    I've tried finding a source for the part I need to fix this, but no luck so far. I got this modified SKX023 a few days ago, and the bezel locked up. I removed it, and what came out of the little hole at 1:30 is a tiny open-ended cylinder with an equally tiny spring that sticks out like a little...
  20. Watchmaking
    Has anyone bead blasted a Yachtmaster bezel? I’ve found some old threads that talk about this process but it does not discuss the type of media to use. Does anyone know if glass beads will approximate the factory finish and if so, what size should I get? I’ve seen #7, #10, etc., also, what PSI...
1-20 of 423 Results