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  1. Seiko
    I'm trying to find somewhere that sells the colour block SRPG53 bezel insert. I have seen another user selling one but I do not have the privileges to message them as I am a new member. Where else would I be able to get this?
  2. Affordable watches
    Does anyone know if the bezel insert for the Vaer D4 is a "standard" size with some aftermarket choices? Skx013 size maybe? Thanks!
  3. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    There's a pretty good nick at 16-17 and some other minor wear. The bezel's 'teeth' look almost perfect. Seiko Part# 87063776. $75.00 Shipped PP CONUS
  4. Public Forum
    Hello. So I just got a Squale 20atmos 1545 root beer ceramic. Pretty happy with it. While doing some research I found they use the wire retention system for the bezel. It sort of worried me since I tend to be pretty rough on my watches and it will eventually get gunk, sand or mud in there. I...
  5. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hey, I'm looking for an L.C.B.L Stainless Steel Coin Edge Bezel for the SKX. After Contacting L.C.B.L, I found out that although they say they are available on their website, they are actually infact discontinued. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks. -Adrian
  6. LACO
    Hello, I have just joined. Hope I am following the rules correctly. Laco offers its Pilot Watch Original (and its newer Flieger Pro) in various sizes from 39mm to 45mm. From the website pictures, it seems to me that their dials grow proportionally with size, and it is not just the bezel that...
  7. Watchmaking
    Hi all, Title says it all, does anyone know where to source blank stainless steel bezel inserts? I'm in the medical field, and I'd love to put a pulsometer bezel on my Orient Mako II, but of course these aren't standard so I'm hoping to find a blank insert and do some custom etching. There are...
  8. Public Forum
    Does anyone know if there's is a brand out there using this bezel for their design? Same form etc? I can't find anyone.. thank you!
  9. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Replacement Custom Made Bezel Casio G-Shock Item Priced at : $55.00 | PayPal Only Shipping & Handling (Worldwide) Expedited International Shipping Shipping rate are calculated base on your address location 1. DETAILS Bezel Color : Yellow Wording Color : Black Compatible DW Series ...
  10. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Replacement Custom Made Bezel Casio G-Shock Item Priced at : $55.00 | PayPal Only Shipping & Handling (Worldwide) Expedited International Shipping Shipping rate are calculated base on your address location 1. DETAILS Bezel Color : Black Wording Color : White Compatible DW Series : 5000C...
  11. Dive watches
    I bought a Rado Captain Cook Bronze and Burgundy last month. I really like the watch, but the bezel has always been a bit loose. It does not feel like anything is broken or missing, there is just a bit more play than I'm used to. This is my first bronze watch, and a steel CC I tried on did not...
  12. Public Forum
    Hello fellow watch fans, I have a glycine combat sub glo256. The blacked out pvd model. It's a decent watch, and I like it ok, but when I got it, the bezel alignment was off. So, as I'd done with many other watches I've repaired or did mods on, I was going to pop the bezel off, get the insert...
  13. Seiko
    My final touch of the rose gold PVD Land Tortoise ? finally arrived today with the Bund strap and decided while the sun ☀ is still up to test out the compass function. I still wasn't feeling the piece and thought my impulse online pics newly launch preorder model buy had been a mistake with...
  14. Russian watches
    I put together an Amphibia with some parts I had been been accumulating. One thing I was curious about was whether using a steel bezel spring/wire might damage or grind down the watch's steel case. Since the watch case, bezel, and wire are all steel can it damage anything? Would a brass be...
  15. Hamilton
    Hey all I just bought a Hamilton scuba like the image. I'm struggling to find a bezel insert replacement. The ID is 31.3mm and the OD is 38mm. Anyone have any leads? I was going to try a flat SKX bezel?
  16. Vintage & Pocket watches
    My wife got me this Dogma Prima watch for my birthday and the bezel refuses to stay on. I'm not an experienced watch person, but I'm relatively handy/technical, and patient. I'm at a point where I'm stuck on how to proceed. Is this a fixable problem(s)? (*The case is gold) Is the case dinged...
  17. Watchmaking
    I'm looking for a new spring wire bezel for a 70s diver. I've found a couple of vintage bezels on eBay, but need to know what dimensions are important? Given the spring wire holds the bezel in place, how much larger than the case's bezel frame can the inner part of the bezel be for a secure...
  18. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    WTB Bezel Inlay for Gallet Adanac.
  19. Public Forum
    I think my favorite luminous bezel is on the speedmaster. I unfortunately don't own one....yet :) But if you have another favorite luminous bezel, I'd love to see it. Like it says in the title, pips alone don't count. What have you got?
  20. Watchmaking
    I got myself a kit from DIY Watch Club but I really dislike the bezel insert that comes with the watch and I am looking for a replacement. The inner diameter of the insert is 31.7mm & the outer diameter is 39.4mm. Would anyone happen to know where I can find bezel inserts of this size?
1-20 of 399 Results