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  1. Can you identify this watch? 1940's Swiss made watch with ETA FHF 70 movement?

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    I can't seem to find much info on the watch... the movement looks like a FHF 70 OR FHF 150 but I don't know. The movement indicates that it's 15 jewels and Swiss made while the case back indicates that the case was made in France. Double-A doesn't seem to mean anything but the watch was acquired...
  2. OPINION NEEDED ? Birks Airmaster Ltd Edition

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    OPINION NEEDED — Birks Airmaster Ltd Edition Hi everyone, New to the site. Just graduated law school and as a present my parents have offered to buy me a new watch in the $2-3000 range. I have a Seamaster Auto with a black face (the previous version with the waves still) and want to get...
  3. Inquiries About Birk's Canada and my new Longines L2.693.4.78.5

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    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum. My mother was kind enough to buy me a new watch for my birthday. Specifically a Longines Master Collection watch L2.693.54.78.5 which I believe to be pretty much the exact same watch show in the link below. Official Longines website - Longines Swiss...
  4. Vintage Birks Watch

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Recently I inherited a few watches from my grandfather. Most of them are "interesting", with very 1950's styling. However, one of them I particularly like. This one: A manual wind up, single button chronograph. It keeps time very well for a watch of this vintage, but the chrono return...
  5. Birks Airmaster - Opinions

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    I really like this watch I saw at a local Birks store Here's a Link to it. BIRKS AIRMASTER™ Collection, Chronograph Stainless Steel and 18kt Rose Gold Watch, wi... | Birks It's retailing for around 1400US/CAN. Searching on the forums I found that the watch has a Ronda 4220b movement (I...
  6. Girlfriend just got her first watch!

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    The watch is an old Henry Birks & Sons (Canadian luxury brand) quartz that was passed down from her mother. I included my Tissot automatic in the picture as well. She keeps hinting that she would love a ladies' Omega Constellation to match the Speedmaster that I want... For now I'm just glad...
  7. Unknown Birks Watch

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    Hi, A few years ago, i came into the posession of an old LED Birks watch. The picture below is that of a Birks LED that looks similar to the one I have, only newer. I BELIEVE that the one I own is the model that came before it. I don't have a picture of it but i was hoping someone knew enough...