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  1. Public Forum
    Hi everyone. Just wanted to drop a post on here to get some of your opinions on my next big purchase. At the end of the year, I will be turning 21 and I plan to celebrate by treating myself to a nice new timepiece. My parents have agreed to give me £5000 towards it and I also have up to £5000...
  2. Breitling
    So.... Some of you may have seen my post in the Public Forum about wanting to ask for a new watch for my 25th birthday, a "proper watch" if you will, but not knowing where to start. I put a lot of thought into the suggestions given by you guys here at WUS, and was really struggling to choose...
  3. Public Forum
    Hey guys! My younger brother is turning 18 this August, and so will, as is tradition, get a watch. And as the watch-dude of the family, my parents were nice enough to include me in this decision (I'm rather psyched to help in this process, especially as I can sit researching watches I can't...
  4. Public Forum
    Hi, currently trying to find the perfect birthday watch for my dad's 60th birthday. I would like to safe up over the next year or so and get him something special, an iconic watch that he can enjoy for a long time and one day hopefully pass down to me or my son :-! He is very down to earth (it...
  5. Public Forum
    Hi there! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, it seemed like the best place for it. My girlfriends 21st birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy her something special. I've got her pretty much every kind of jewellery except a watch and I figured now was as good a time as any to get her a...
  6. Public Forum
    obviously no MK. i guess i am in Seiko/Orient territory? anything else i should take a look at?
  7. WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I am looking for a classic Omega or Tag Heuer watch for my 18th birthday and though this would be the best place to find something Let me know what you have!
  8. WTT - Trade Corner
    I am looking for a classic Omega or Tag Heuer watch for my 18th birthday and though this would be the best place to find something Let me know what you have!
  9. Public Forum
    Hi everyone, I have been stalking these forums for quite some time now and decided I should make an account and perhaps as for some help. I have been interested in watches for years, and have quite a selection of watches all of which cost less than £200 and propelled my interest during my early...
  10. Public Forum
    Hi, I am about to purchase my first 'serious' watch for my 30th birthday. I have been looking around and the watches that have caught my are ones with white faces with blue dials. The first that drew me to this particular design is the Longines Heritage Retrograde L4.797.4.71.2 . Upon looking...
  11. Affordable watches
    So my sister's birthday is coming up and as a way to say thanks for being a great little sister, I was thinking of getting her a watch. From what I know, she'll probably prefer a watch with a diameter that is smaller than 30mm. Secondly she'll probably want a leather band preferably the colour...
  12. TAG Heuer
    Jack Heuer, the man with the vision. The man who designed TAG Heuer's most iconic and contemporary timepieces, including the original Carrera. This year Jack celebrates his 80th birthday with a new limited edition 41mm chronograph. The large opening with counters at 3 and 9 o'clock comes...
  13. Public Forum
    C11 MSL MK1 Automatic - Brown - Pre Order Mid October - C11-AUTO-SKT - Automatic - Antimagnetic; Incabloc Anti-shock; Superluminova - Swiss Made Roll on April!
  14. Omega
    Hello there, I guess before I will start with the actual topic of this thread I need to introduce msyelf a bit out of courtesy. Well, here we go. My name is Patrick, currently still 29 years old and I am living with my wife in Dubai (UAE). Originally born in Poland and grown up in Germany, I...
  15. Public Forum
    Its my Birthday today!! :-) Every year since i turned 18 i've wanted a Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph.... Lets hope Santa brings one then... LOL :roll:
1-15 of 15 Results