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  1. Bought my first mechanical watch, changed the date when the hour hand was between 9 and 3... did I just break my first real watch?

    Public Forum
    Hi all, As the title suggests, I bought my first mechanical watch: the C60 Trident Pro 600 mk3 38mm. I wasn't aware that the date must not be changed when the hour hand is between 9 and 3. The date turned over correctly when I did it this way however. After that, I tried changing the date a...
  2. How to PERMANENTLY Fix Seiko G757 Faded/Dead/Incomplete Screen Issue

    WHAT: As I'm sure many people reading this post have found out, the Sekio G757 has a problem with its screen losing contrast or dying entirely over the years. WHY: I noticed that for my G757s, the contrast would get progressively worse every fifteen seconds, but only when the seconds display...
  3. Snk809 second hand stutter

    I have just recieved my Snk809 and worn it for a day or two when all of a sudden the second hand started stuttering. Badly stuttering. At some points it looks like a quartz movement. My question is what caused this? when i hold it up to me ear the ticking sounds normal and uniform. is it...
  4. FS:Citizen SkyHawk (broken)

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD! I found this poor thing in the back of the drawer covered up and forgotten. It is in need of some repair and all I'm looking for is a reasonable offer. Hopefully one of you out there can fix this up and wear it in good health. PM and I can track some more info down about it if necessary.
  5. Most you've spent on a watch that you knew had problems before you bought it

    Affordable watches
    Just bought a vintage longines that I already knew had a problem. I was prepared to pay a bit more for it, but not a lot more. So I searched for a thread on this subject, but nothing showed up. What's the most you have paid for a watch that needed a repair? I'm not talking about a service and...

    Apple Watches
    So, yesterday in the Broomfield, Colorado Apple Store, I bought my Apple Watch. I picked up the 38mm Stainless with the millanese loop band. I also picked up a black sport band to wear with it as well. It was really a beautiful device and it was great using it... until.. I was trying to...
  7. Problem with Tag Heuer Calibre 1887 41mm White

    TAG Heuer
    Hello people! So my 1887 has not even been a year since I got it. Recently, when I was wearing my Tag, the watch suddenly stopped. I wore it with no problems the day before and I winded my watch this morning. But suddenly around 10 am, my watch suddenly stopped. I don't know why and I tried to...
  8. You would think companies do better QA checks

    Public Forum
    I want to tell you guys about my journey with a Revue Thommen's Specialties watch. I first jumped the gun on a jomashop doorbuster sale. When I received the watch, I immediately asked for a return label because the watch was not new (I mean it was aesthetically but something was fixed inside)...
  9. Help !!! Accidently touched hairspring!! WATCH STOPPED!?

    Public Forum
    Hello. I'm not happy! I just bought my first automatic watch, a Bernhardt binnacle anchor 2 with a miyota 8215. It was runing 1 min off per day, I try adjusting it in the back, I'd done it a couple times and had it down to 30sec per day when my tool slipped and touched the hairspring, stopping...
  10. Mondaine Giant Ultra Black - interior on angle?????

    Public Forum
    I bought this a year ago and has been worn pretty much every day since, therefore minor scratches on the metal exterior, although nothing to explain why it would move like this? Would this void the warranty? Anyone else had this problem or know how to solve this issue/how much a repair would cost?
  11. Received faulty Vostok Amphibia

    Russian watches
    Hi guys, I purchased an Amphibia from Meranom a few weeks back and just picked it up from the post office a couple of days ago. I did quite a lot of research before buying it, so I was really excited! I opened the package and of course tried to wind the watch. I shook the watch to try and start...
  12. WTB - Your broken Invicta 8926

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    I'm really just after a case with bezel and crystal, but if you have a complete watch that's not running I'm interested as well (I have a spare movement to be used). Scratches and scuffs are fine, assuming it didn't have an accident with a blender or go sliding down the tarmac.
  13. Seiko Coutura World Timer (Quartz) Pusher and First Crown Position Stopped Working

    (Pic borrowed from the web) First post on this sub-forum! Hey all! I've had this watch for a good two or three years now. I don't wear it anymore, but when I noticed the battery had run out several months ago, I went to have it replaced at a local department store. I recall that when she...
  14. What is your opinions on this please?

    Public Forum
    HeY guys! I'm new to this site and I got a quick question for y'all...was this purchase good in your opinion? Not looking for a value or anything, but do, in your opinion, do you think that 130$ was good for a 1925-1926 (can't tell, the engraving in the back is pretty blurry) Rolex watch, in...
  15. Formula 1 Broken Pusher. Service advisable??

    TAG Heuer
    Hello WUS! Long time reader, first time poster. I recently bought my first REAL watch. It is a used Tag Heuer Formula 1 (Model CAH1110). I love the watch, however have just noticed that I have a faulty pusher (the bottom one, in case it makes a difference). It is loose, very loose actually...
  16. Orient Blue Ray - Discount Watch Store - Watch dead after 1 month

    Affordable watches
    Today I woke up to my month old Blue Ray dead. It's happened temporarily once before but continued to function after some winding. Things attempted to bring it back to life respectively: worn while travelling for over an hour recorded video of myself swinging watch in my hand side to side to...
  17. Is my watch broken?

    Public Forum
    I'm new here, and I'm really worried. I just bought a mechanical skeleton Rotary (Rotary Gents White Case Watch - GS02521/06 | Rotary Watches) from a high-street retailer, and I think the staff member who wound my watch didn't really know what they were doing and may have damaged the mechanism...
  18. Replacing Main Spring

    I'm not the Hulk, I have no idea how this happened as I am an engineer by trade and like to think I have a modicum of mechanical sympathy. However I have managed to snap the mainspring on my Tissot Seastar. Does anyone have a good lead for sourcing a replacement or even getting it fixed at a...
  19. Vintage Sandoz Automatic

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Anyone can help identify this Sandoz, ie. roughly which decade made, etc..:think: Also, one of the lugs is bent, usually how does one bend it back as delicately as possible. I just want some options on what I could do besides "try" and "don't try"
  20. Help please!

    New to this so sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. I have a wind up watch that has a bent seconds hand that interfares with the movement of the minutes hand. Is there any way that I can get to the face and unbend the hand easily? Thanks