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  1. Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    What is your personal experience with various jeweler quality cleaning cloths? I am not referring to scratch removal or other abrasive cloths/pads for repairs of a watch's finish. I am referring to cloths that can be used regularly to wipe over a watch to keep the grime off of it and to remove...
  2. Bell & Ross
    Hi, We all know that watches made of steel (normal silver colour) can be buffed later on in case there are scratches or other blemishes. I need to know whether steel PVD watches too can be buffed or not. The watch in question is the BR02 carbon black pro dial watch. I guess in the process of...
  3. Public Forum
    Hello everyone. I havnt done to much research abuot this and i was wondering is there anyway that i can buff out scratches at home? If so let me know the best way. Thakn you Blake
1-3 of 3 Results