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  1. Build your own flieger (again)

    Pilots' & Military watches
    This is the 2nd flieger I have built. The first one was more of a typical FL23883 with a B dial similar to some of the Laco offerings. It has a ETA 2824-2 Top grade movement which is of course an auto. For this one I wanted something different so I went with a case that's more similar to a...
  2. Mickey Mouse Diver Project?

    Dive watches
    I saw a thread on this great forum where a member put a Mickey Mouse dial in a SKX and made an awesome Mickey diver. In the thread the member mentioned how he needed to take off the date/day wheel and change the size of the holes for the hands to fit. He also had to trim the dial down a bit. In...
  3. Advice re: Valjoux project

    As a lifetime collector and full on watch nerd I am finally ready to take the plunge into building a watch of my own... A Frankenwatch that is... I've been able to figure out most of what I need to complete this project as well as relative guide to the pricing but there are a few issues for...
  4. Omega watch project help

    Hello, I have an old Omega 620 movement which I would like to use in a watch. I have never sourced parts for a custom watch build so any advice would be appreciated. The face on the movement is from a womans omega watch I would however like to replace this with a larger, mens face. Any advice...
  5. Resource for Watch Hands

    All I am registering for the Level 1 TZ Course, and rather than taking the basic case, crystal, etc, I am picking these items a la carte. I am putting together various dial/case/hand combinations said watch, but the pieces need to fit a Unitas 649*. I'm looking for the following hands to fit...
  6. Watchmaking Desk

    I was wondering if any of you have built your own watchmaking desks? Or if you know where I would be able to find plans to make one? Also, if you have any pictures of your current setup (i.e. work station) that would be very helpful. Thanks guys -Ian
  7. I have a great idea for a new watch, need help getting it made.

    Public Forum
    Hello watchuseek forum! Thought I would see if anyone here could help me. As noted in the title, I have an idea for a watch that I would like to have made, then sell it to a specific market. It would be a digital watch with some specific features that are not necessarily common in current...
  8. newbie question: Can I build my own Rolex from spare parts?

    Rolex & Tudor
    I'm pretty new to the forum and in a steep learning curve. I was wondering, if I can find a movement and the other appropriate parts, and assuming I have the basics of watch repair down, (for example Level 1 and 2 from TZ online school) could I just build my own Rolex from different parts?