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  1. How do I identify the caliber number of a Tissot pocket watch?

    Hi everyone, sorry to jump straight in with a question but I've lost the plot with what sites I've been on! My dad has managed to get a Tissot pocket watch. The serial number dates it back to 1929-1930 but I am clueless as to how we find out what caliber it is?! Any ideas or tips would be much...
  2. Eterna cal. 1117T - no info...

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hallo guys, Can anyone tell why I cannot find any info of my Eterna watch with cal. 1117T? Is it so rare or only 1 in whole world? :) When I google this it finds 0. (Looks like 1116T) I will post some pictures and thanx in advance for any info.
  3. Longines: About the accuracy - Share your rates!

    I'm interested of the accuracy and performance of Longines watches. The reason why I started tihis thread is that I own Longines watch (Hydroconquest) and I'm curious to know how it performs when compering it to the other Longines watches. It also helps identify if there is something wrong in...
  4. What's the deal with in house movements?

    Public Forum
    So I've been a watch fan for a while, and am trying hard to become a watch nerd. I still don't really understand all the ins and outs of the how and why a mechanical watch does what it does, but I'm trying to learn. That being said, though, can someone explain to me what exactly changes when a...
  5. Trouble with vintage Omega redial...

    Hey guys, This is my first post on WUS and I hope I'm submitting it in the correct forum. I have a problem with an Omega Seamaster 'Cosmic' wristwatch that I purchased on Chrono24. While the movement is authentic, clean, and keeping accurate time, the hands and crystal are not original and the...
  6. Have I identified this Seamaster correctly?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello everybody, My first post in this very interesting forum. I recently found this Seamaster at an auction on the Swedish island of Gotland. I've searched the Omega Vintage Watches Database but am not sure I have identified it correctly. I attach four photos which I thought could help...
  7. Why do some watches have a lot bigger case than its movement?

    Public Forum
    For example, I know a Maurice Lacroix's Chronograph movement watch, which has a caliber movement diameter of 36.6mm, but the case diameter is 43.5mm. Is this actually related with fitting the movement (technical reasons), or did they just make it "bigger" to please people with big wrists?
  8. Luxury and "normal" watches using same movement ?!

    Public Forum
    Hi, I was comparing the Tag Heuer Aquaraer (way2110) and the Steinhart Ocean 1 and noticed that although the Steinhart is 1/3 the price of the Tag, they both use the same movement - the ETA 2824-2. Is there something that I'm missing here as to way the Tag is so much better? I'm in the...
  9. FS: Vintage Longines Caliber 27M - Oversize 38 mm - Stainless Steel - Ca.1953

    Watches - Dealers and Manufacturers
    Perfect and mint oversize Longines timepiece that will be a perfect watch for everyday life, either with black tie or jeans.Manufacturer: Longines Type: Manual wind with small seconds hand Reference: 5581-5 Year: ca.1953 Case type: Polished, stainless steel, snap-back Case size: 38 mm Case...
  10. Omega with different case no.

    Omega Fake Busters
    So I've found a watch I like for several reasons and thought I should look to make sure it is real. Looks real enough and I found that there is a vintage section to the Omega web site where you can check stuff like the case no. So I checked and it does not exist. So what? Seems unlikely to...

    Frédérique Constant - Ateliers deMonaco - Alpina
    Swiss watch Manufacturer Frederique Constant known for its classical and refined timepieces at sensible prices pushed the boundaries with its new Worldtimer Manufacture. As the Worldtimer Manufacture continues to be one of Frederique Constant most successful collection, our passionate designers...
  12. Which caliber is it?

    Hello, My grandpa gave me his Omega pocket watch last month and i would like to know wich caliber it is. The serial is 6493206. The watch is a 1923-1929. Also if you know the BPM it will be appreciate. Thank you for your help, Louis :-)
  13. Help Plz. - Speedmaster Reduced Calibre differences? One better than the other?

    ​Hi there fellow watch enthusiasts. I've decided I'd like to acquire a Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50. I've been reading and educating myself fully. But can't find answers on a few things: What is the difference between the different calibre's (1140, 1143, 3220, 3220A) of the 3510.50? I see...
  14. Difference between Seiko caliber v172 and v175 ?

    Public Forum
    Hi friends! I'm about to order either a Seiko SSC017P1 or SSC015P1. Both solar versions. First I just thought that the only difference was the color of the bezel and some other minor things but I also saw that there's a difference between the calibers. The 15P1 got caliber v172, and the 17P1...
  15. Beperkte oplage Rado DiaMaster RHW1

    Kaliber 2010 (NL)
    Moderne materialen en een magistraal uurwerk zorgen voor een extreem licht horloge Jezelf opnieuw kunnen uitvinden, voortdurend innoveren en grenzen verleggen - zo creëer je echte verandering. Als dat al de definitie van de 'gewone' Rado is, dan is de beperkte oplage van de Rado DiaMaster RHW1...
  16. Tag Heuer Link Caliber S model numbers explained

    TAG Heuer
    I was looking at getting an every day wear watch and decided on the Link Caliber S. I have been looking at the option of getting one pre-owned if in decent condition. I am confused over the different model numbers. Can someone tell me the difference (if any) between CJF7112, CJF7111 and CJF7110...
  17. iWC caliber 97 custom wristwatch, need advice PLEASE

    hi guy, im looking at this ebay auction and i would need your advice on it. IWC International Cal 97 Swiss Made Case with Sapphire Glass Pilot Style 17J | eBay It is an IWC caliber 97 (pocket watch) turned into a top quality wrist watch. i know i should be cery carefull with these kinda custom...
  18. Case for a cal 30t2

    Hi, do you know the reference for a Omega Case where I can fit a 30T2 caliber?
  19. Longines Mens 17J 14Kt White Gold Diamond Dial and Bezel 232 Cal

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Welcome! I'm selling my Longines 232 Cal Diamond Dial/Bezel. This is in immaculate condition, the watch runs well and looks beautiful. The face is about 32-35MM, I'll get an exact measurement on it. Recently added new crystal to the watch THIN CASE! Fits well. ASKING $1350 SHIPPED CONUS...