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  1. Watchmaking
    Hi! So I just got my panthere 2 days ago as a present, and I've just seen theres a little scratch on the side (it looks like its hit a table, as its 3 lines next to each other, but only can only be seen in sunlight and I cannot feel my nail sink into it). I know that Cape Cod cloths have mixed...
  2. Public Forum
    You can see here how I refinished my Rolex case, clasp, and bracelet. Before this it was really scratched up on the bracelet, clasp, and the polished sections on the sides of the watch as well as the bezel (as it was pre-owned). I wish I took "before" photos. I brushed the bracelet and clasp...
  3. Public Forum
    This is about my futile attempts to restore a mirror finish and is looking for feedback from those who think they know how to. Alright, we all love our watches. And scratches can be a real thorn in the eye. We all know that a good watchmaker can restore the watch to like new finish. But it...
1-3 of 3 Results