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carrera automatic
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  1. TAG Heuer
    Hi All, New to the Tag Heuer community, I wanted to learn a little more about the serial numbers and what there designation. At my local AD, I noticed that two Carrera Calibre 16 watches had different serials on the back and was wondering if it was different because of the edition? I own the...
  2. Sinn
    Hi everyone, I'm new on here and first ever post like this on any forum, so please be gentle May be silly to post in SINN thread, but would appreciate unbiased opinions with all facts below considered, and will try posting in the TAG thread too. I'm lucky enough to have just received GB£1,350...
  3. Affordable watches
    Are there any affordable watches that look like the Tag Carrera Automatic or Calibre 6? I liked the Bezel look and simplicity. There are a ton of Submariner and Breitling style watches out there, but I can't find a good Carrera style. An auto would be preferable.
  4. TAG Heuer
    Hello, I am a new member to this site and I appreciate any information that you can provide. I recently bought my first automatic watch and I have owned it for less then 2 weeks. Everything seems to have been working fine up until this past friday; I did not wear my watch and the time and date...
1-4 of 4 Results