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  1. Clock world
    Carriage clock producers have all but disappeared during the 20th century. A few still produce, most notably: L'epee - based in Switzerland and work with MAD Gallery etc. The English Carriage Clock Company - from what I see offers two, UK made carriage models for order Haller Uhrenfabrik GmbH -...
  2. Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hello watch lovers. I just registered to the forum but i always found it helpful during my researches on internet. However now i am stuck and i need more help. I have a vintage - probably made in France, early XX century - carriage clock with alarm in bronze case and leather box. One of the...
  3. Clock world
    Hello! I'm usually posting on the other watch forums, but I've noticed this forum for clocks, and as luck would have it I've got a problem with a clock. Or rather, my wife's clock has the problem. It's a keywind Seth Thomas carriage clock that was given to her late father as an anniversary...
1-3 of 3 Results