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  1. Watchmaking
    Just when I thought I've seen it all, a new watch appears and kicks my a**. I need help removing this caseback (looks like a snap back but I'm not sure at this point). The watch is vintage Seiko quartz type 2 (ref:4336-8050), here's some pics of the caseback: The caseback has this notch...
  2. Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Hi Selling this Service caseback I had on my old Speedmaster. Not really sure what it is worth.. I see some between 300 and 500 so..... 400 obo Im in LA but I can ship in the US after venmo/paypal Thanks ! AS
    $400 USD
  3. Public Forum
    Seiko snxs79 caseback The clear glass case back is a little thick so wanted to replace it with a normal case back (unbranded - so I can engrave on it) Does anyone have any ideas on where I can get hold of one? Thanks in advance! Jack
  4. Watchmaking
    Hi again people of watchusseek, I'm pretty new to watch repair and came across this caseback on an Elgin self winding watch. It looks like the back is pressed in but there aren't any notches for a case knife. I'm not sure how to remove it as is and any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Watchmaking
    I have started laser engraving with a 50w fiber laser on various metals and have replaced two case backs on my personal seiko then engraved them. I am planning on offering this is as a product but I am unsure as to how the customer would be able to properly align and seal the case back without...
  6. STOWA
    Hello. I received my Stowa Flieger Ikarus and noticed there was some dust on the inside of the display back. I took the back off and cleaned it off. When I was putting the back on, I lost one of the caseback screws. 1. Is it still safe to wear while I wait on a replacement? 2. Do you think...
  7. Russian watches
    I'm looking for a few (2 or 3) Vostok collectors with modding / watchmaking experience in the US or Canada to test out some custom caseback openers. These openers are specific for the Amphibia (BA) or a Komandirskie (BK). So far I've confirmed the fit and operation with Amphibia 710, 110 and...
  8. Watchmaking
    Hi, I see that some have posted similar questions and received help. I have an everyday quartz wearer, an Laco Absolute 880203. It is time to replace the battery, but I cannot figure out how to open the caseback. I'd like to do this myself (shops are closed due to the pandemic). I have a cheap...
  9. Seiko
    Looking at my SKX007 today and noticed that there is a small (but visible) gap between the caseback and case. The watch caseback has never been unscrewed / tampered with. I am wondering if any fellow skx owners see the same thing. Thanks! Time_Flies
  10. Seiko
    Does anyone know if there is a replacement caseback for the SARB065 that makes it thinner? Thanks, tropicalbob
  11. Seiko
    I received a brand new Seiko monster today (3rd gen made in Japan model) When I was about to peel off the blue sticker, I found what appears to be a burn (rust?) mark (?) It's a little hard to photograph, but it looks kind of like the rainbow-colored burn mark you get from stainless steel kettle...
  12. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    I am selling my Omega sapphire case back that used to be on my Speedmaster Pro. I had to have the case replaced during last service and decided to stay with the solid case back. It is in very good shape and comes with the movement spacer. The case back says: "Speedmaster Professional Limited...
  13. Public Forum
    Hey everyone, I've never asked anyone, but have noticed over the years that probably 50% of people make a compound word out of "caseback" while others separate the two. I really have no particular opinion and have, I think, subconsciously gone between the two of these. On one hand, "caseback"...
  14. German watches
    Hi, I just purchased a Nomos Metro Neomatik Champagner 35mm and was looking at the exhibition caseback. I noticed at the bottom, the watch has "Metro 2043" etched on the surface. But when I went to Nomos' website and looked at the caseback for the same model, it reads "Metro 652". Does anyone...
  15. Public Forum
    Hi, I'm buying a Nomos Tangomat for my girlfriend's 30th birthday. I'm going to have it engraved with her initials and the day we met. Something like this... A. B. 2014-12-13 I considered having the engraving on the outer ring of the sapphire-backed model, but there isn't enough space on...
  16. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD! Thank you WUS and buyer! Up for sale is my Near Mint Laco type-B dial Flieger watch measuring 42mm in case diameter (excluding crown). This watch is in the style of the flieger watches that Laco originally supplied to the German air force during world war 2, but in a scaled down and...
  17. Omega
    Hi - I am considering buying a vintage '65 Speedy that shows corrosion on the caseback (not the case). Should I pass or is the caseback (i want a seamonster, not stamped medallion) something I can easily replace? if so, where can i find one? Thanks!
  18. Seiko
    First of all, this is in no way intended to be a troll post. With that out of the way... Looking at the backs of many modern Citizens, I see a smooth surface without a trace of the familiar six indents common on the screw-down casebacks. For example, check out the 360 degree view here...
  19. Rolex & Tudor Fake Busters
    I've been looking at some older Tudor Jumbo Oysterdates, and I've noticed that the "fingers" on the case back crown seem too wide. Is this normal? Or is it a tell tail sign of a fake?
1-19 of 48 Results