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  1. Digital & ABC watches
    I received a PRG 270 as a present last week. It's working fine, no issue of being reset by static electricity yet. But I noticed something weird regarding the compass. I'm a working student, and just a little over a week ago I transferred to a new company. When I was sitting by the table where I...
  2. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    FS: The Casio Pathfinder ABC watch, PAW5000-1. This analogue-digital hybrid is loaded with features. Solar powered, atomic radio controlled time keeping, altimeter, digital compass, barometer, thermometer, and more…. It runs perfectly and is in near mint condition. Details: Case...
  3. Digital & ABC watches
    guys... i'm looking for a ABC watch for myself for the new year... am in dillema which should i go for? the prg200 or the newer prg250? else do you have any others to recommend? Price is almost the same and price is not the deciding factor. So, which do you all preferred more? Thank you and...
  4. Digital & ABC watches
    :-x Just received a message to say my PRW 2000 1ER has shipped,:-d Any other owners of this model care to leave feedback on theirs?
  5. Casio G-Shock
    The 'what's the thinnest Casio'?, or the 'what's the thickest Casio'? question answer is open to interpretation, so I decided to take photos of some of my watches and post them for reference; my photos should be used in conjunction with the published dimensions from Casio. These are photos of...
1-5 of 6 Results