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casio gshock

  1. Sold: Casio GMW-B5000TFG-9 35th Anniversary Full Metal Gold

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    Hi guys,I picked this in August from AD in Australia and after receiving in hand decided it's not for me. It's a fun blingy piece and slightly hard to find. So, I'm offering this here for your consideration.This is the full metal square in golden colour. It's the 35th anniversary model unlike...
  2. WTS - Casio GMW-B5000D-1DR

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    Hi Guys, I somehow ended up getting two Casio GMW-B5000D-1DR steel square watches. It wears larger than expected on my wrist. I'm looking to flip these and looking at US$800.00 incl. paypal and shipping worldwide for each. These are BNIB with all stickers and tags. Incl. inner and outer box...
  3. i just bought a glx5600 used online. am I going to be happy or disappointed?

    Casio G-Shock
    I ask because... just a red watch in general is kind of flashy. Is it going to be hard to match? I like being "out there" as far as fashion stuff goes, but I just don't know. I think I got a good deal on it and the listing had the picture on a cushion, so I feel good about that. Thoughts? My...
  4. Modifying a G-Shock question

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a Casio DW6901UD-3 limited edition "undefeated" G-Shock and I am wanting to modify it a tad. I do not like the fact that when you press the light "undefeated" is in the background making it almost impossible to see the time at night. I was wanting to replace the internals and display with...
  5. Casio GB-6900AA-1JF bezel question

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a GB-6900AA-1JF Bluetooth G-Shock that I ordered from Japan and I'm wanting to replace the black bezel and band with the GDX6900CM "new cammo series" bezel/bands. My question is will the GDX6900CM be compatible with my GB-6900AA-1JF if I want to swap parts?? Thanks!

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    I decided to go with a watch for my 16th birthday. I want a watch i can go hunting,fishing,biking, and snowboarding with. I would like to wear it to school and to work (landscaping and Bus Boy). The most i would spend on a watch is $300. It will not be lost or stolen because i take really good...
  7. Help for modifying GShock

    Casio G-Shock
    Has anyone modified a Master of G Gshock G9300-1 (the red and black one, not the men in smoky gray or the black and gold one) to a negative display? any pictures? would any of you recommend this? i have seen the instructions on how to modify this, but im a little scared to do it. is it easy? how...
  8. Casio G-shock Radio Atomic Controlled Tough Solar G-5500-1JF

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    Casio G-shock Radio Atomic Controlled Tough Solar G-5500-1JF Features: Shock resistant Solar powered Water resistant 20 ATM World time 48 Cities 1/100-second stopwatch Countdown timer (Countdown range: 60 min) Daily alarms 5 independent daily alarms Hourly time signal Battery power indicator...
  9. FS:5 Pairs of G-shocks to sell Colorful Ones

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    Hi all watchseekers I am selling some of my g-shock collection to get Frogmans.I got 5 pairs of g-shock that is in mint condition,comes in boxes and manual.All the prices include shipping international.Paypal preferred.Any trades also welcome.Please PM me for more enquiries. 1.Men G-Shock G-Lide...