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  1. High-end watches
    In the world of luxury watches, the Tourbillon is the apex of style and finesse. Intricate, beautiful and difficult to produce, Tourbillon have been popular since their invention by Abraham Louis Breguet in 1776. Tourbillons from that era are collector's items, but so are the Tourbillons being...
  2. Chinese Mechanical watches
    (A note for the benefit of those finding this page from Wikipedia or other external links; the following discussion is concerned only with the first series of watches produced by Cecil Purnell where Chinese parts were used. From 2010 their collection is entirely in-house designed and made in...
  3. Chinese Mechanical watches
    I came over the Swiss brand Cecil Purnell selling tourbillon watches. The movment is based on the Liaoning tourbillon. Read the "word from the chairman" on their site and decide if they are any different from the germasian e-bay brands.
1-3 of 3 Results