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    This is Zygmunt Bauman, sociologist. He was born in Poland, but is professor of sociology at the University of Leeds. Bauman has become best known for his analyses of the links between modernity and the Holocaust, and of postmodernconsumerism. (source: wiki, pic: BUT! Look at that...
  2. Casio G-Shock
    I don't know if anybody has said this yet but I've recently seen two people on tv wearing g-shock but i can't figure out one of them. First, one of the snowboarders on the amazing race wears the In4mation GLX-6900XA-9JR “Ice, Gold, & Green G-Shock. Second was on The Colbert Report (one of my...
  3. Public Forum
    Hi, I am trying to find out the make/model of the watch (below) that Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing. Thanks, Dan
  4. Public Forum
    Hi all, I was watching XIII on and took this screenshot of the watch the agent branded XIII was wearing. Pretty cool series, and similar to the cell-shaded first person shooter computer game released a little while back. A little Jason-Bourney (amnesiac specially trained soldier tries...
1-4 of 4 Results