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  1. VIDEO: Bathys Hawaii Cesium 133 V 2.0 Atomic Wristwatch

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    Here you can see the new V 2.0 of the Cesium 133 watch from Bathys Hawaii. Also shown is the computer connection and the data screen that displays info about the state of the chip-scale atomic clock (CSAC). You can see the time of day data as well as other info. Also shown is the watch on...
  2. BAM! Bathys Hawaii Creates World's Most Accurate Wristwatch: The Cesium 133

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    A self-contained Cesium Atomic Clock has been integrated into a wristwatch by US-based watch company Bathys Hawaii. The answer to the question “Does anybody really know what time it is?” has been answered loud and clear “Yes!” by the small Hawaii-based watch company Bathys Hawaii. Using...
  3. Higher than HEQ ?

    High Accuracy Quartz watches
    I've been bidding on an old salvaged Seiko QM-10 Marine Chronometer on the 'Bay... The price just keeps going up and up... what do I really want ? Ah Ha, 'there's the rub' as Hamlet liked to say, what I want is a highly accurate time piece to serve as a reference and for the 4 figure price...