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  1. Bought my first mechanical watch, changed the date when the hour hand was between 9 and 3... did I just break my first real watch?

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    Hi all, As the title suggests, I bought my first mechanical watch: the C60 Trident Pro 600 mk3 38mm. I wasn't aware that the date must not be changed when the hour hand is between 9 and 3. The date turned over correctly when I did it this way however. After that, I tried changing the date a...
  2. Solar Watch in a Big Rotation

    Public Forum
    What would be the consensus, of a solar watch in a big rotation; so that, it would be sitting, getting fully discharged, sometimes even for months; then charged, used for a few days, then back into into sitting, for an undetermined amount of time. Figure, used maybe two to three times per...
  3. Can manufacturers change the hands for you?

    Public Forum
    Anybody here requested before, or know about whether or not we could ask them to "change" the hand not to a new one but to a different one? For example, I have this watch that has a dauphine hour/minute hand. And I send this for maintenance to the official brand service center in Europe. Can I...
  4. How do I remove battery from my watch? *Picture posted*

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    Hello internet community! I'm wondering how I remove the battery from my watch in this picture below for the next time when I need to change teh battery. Noticed it seems there are 3 golden prongs or tabs holding the battery down. In this picture, they are approximatley at the 10 and 3 o...
  5. Quality spring bar tool... can somebody direct me to where I can get one?

    Straps & Bracelets
    So I've had a few spring bar tools. One was one piece and sturdy, but the teethed end wasn't flat enough to fit between lugs and tight straps. The other had interchangable ends of varying sizes and thickness etc. except when trying to get really tough springbars to budge, ended up snapping the...
  6. Sapphire crystals more expensive than hesalite? Really?

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    Today I changed hesalite crystal in authorized service that uses original parts at least they say so... watch: longines conquest... I payed 40 EUR for crystal + 20 EUR work... when I asked how about Tissot le locle which has sapphire - the same price... :think: Is it only a myth that sapphire...
  7. The more things change the more they stay the same

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    plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Humans are amazingly resistant to change. Note: I said resistant not resilient. This is a spin off from a thread that discussed homage/look alike watches. When we get new watches do we often get derivatives, homages, or even slight variations of pieces...
  8. Advice required on a ‘Tuna’ Seiko Divers 300M 7549 - 7010 movement change with 6309

    Hi All, I am new to your site and although i wouldn’t call myself a watch enthusiast, I do love watches. My late father purchased a Seiko Quartz Divers 300M 7549 - 7010 watch when I was born. I had always love his watch and it was handed down to me. The watch is still in good condition (given...
  9. Which strap should I buy ? (DW5600E)

    Casio G-Shock
    Hello ,G-shock fans :). Recently the strap on my classic DW5600E have torn and need replacement. I know there are some other straps that are compatible with the DW5600E ,so I decided to ask if there is a better ,more comfortable one ? For example I know that this one will fit ...but will it be a...
  10. How to Change a Strap on Panerai Watches

    Tips & Tricks
    Panerai Lovers, We've had numerous questions about how to change the strap of a Panerai watch. One of our watchmakers, Len Karter, put together a YouTube video to demonstrate the process. Feel free to check it out here: How to change a strap on a Panerai watch. - YouTube.
  11. Changing the month and the day on a g-shock?

    Casio G-Shock
    I know someone from Europe has already asked this question, but i couldn`t find it, nor the answer:oops:. So is there a way to switch the position of the day and the month on the G-shock (GLX -5600A to be precise)? I made a mistake today while filling a form, but kinda realized the month can`t...
  12. New dial/hands without turning in the old ones?

    Rolex & Tudor
    I have a full tritium 1990 Explorer 1. The lume is as good as gone. There is still a faint rest but really you can't see it unless your eyes are totally accustomed to the dark already and the lume has been very well charged. The lume is just starting to get that nice patina. Very early still in...
  13. TT1 bezel inlay change: Possible? Easy?

    I have the TT1 GMT Worldtimer. Wonderful watch. They later came out with the GMT "only" model that has a 24h bezel instead of a city bezel. Otherwise exactly the same watch. I'd love to be able to change the bezel inlays out myself. I know for Rolex GMTs that is possible. If the bezel inlay...
  14. Chrono Colt 2 fast timezone change

    Hello folks, Considering buying the Chrono Colt 2 model. On the Breitling website, it states that this model has a "Fast Timezone Change". Can anyone tell me how this feature is activated? How does it know to go forward or backwards 1, 2, 3 or more hours? Here are my thoughts. 1) In the...
  15. Odd Gruen Airflight

    Pilots' & Military watches
    This is my first post. I just received my second Gruen Airflight. This second one flips the hours over at noon - seems to be the usual from searching the 'Net. My first one flips the hours over at 1 pm! To me that makes more sense as noon is 12 hundred hours and it doesn't really need to jump...
  16. G-Shock battery change tutorial movie

    Casio G-Shock
    I tried to make my first tutorial movie. Well, my English is not the best I guess, but at least I tried;-) Cheers, Sjors P.S. There is no movie camera icon!