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  1. Reviews
    Hey guys! I just reviewed this Cadisen C8180 and I have to say, for the money it's a very solid timepiece. All stainless steel construction, sapphire crystal, Seiko Nh35A inside and 100meters of water resistance is quite good for about $80. These Chinese gold nuggets keep surprising me time and...
  2. Chinese Mechanical watches
    A lot of discussions on Bagelsports and they make very good-looking homages. Do you guys know which Chinese factory makes it? Somewhere in Guangzhou I'd assume. It's strange how Bagelsports and some other brands like Parnis almost have no domestic market. No one in China I know wears it
  3. Public Forum
    All things being the same, in the exact same watch, would you rather have a an entry level Japanese Quartz movement or a favorably rated chinese Automatic movement and why?
  4. Pilots' & Military watches
    Hello all! I have been looking for a large pilot watch lately with a sapphire crystal and stumbled upon a brand I have never heard of before. I have looked at some of these "micro" brands out there, some from The Netherlands, others are from France, and have even checked out the DKR custom...
  5. Affordable watches
    After reading this review on the marvelous AMBwatches Blog I rushed over to Amazon and purchased the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane model AV 4107 02 for $141. Despite the holiday season, it arrived in good time in a nice presentation box. At 44mm, the watch wears larger than I expected on my slim...
  6. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    Hey all, I'm selling this Kronen & Söhne Speedmaster-style with chronograph pushers. •The pushers change the day/date. •The watch is an automatic, so the second hand sweeps very nicely. •Runs fine, no issues or damage •Band is very lightweight, cheap quality, but the watch has a very cool...
  7. Chinese Mechanical watches
    So I've been doing some homework and was all set to pull the trigger on the Parnis (IWC Portuguese Homage)...$65 was the best deal I could find...but the size seemed large at 44mm. Some sites list it at 42? Confused. Moreover, the movement wasn't listed so I hesitate. http://www (Jackson...
  8. Chinese Mechanical watches
    While reading through the posts for the new Project Forum watch 2012 I found a number of posts about alarm watches. This peaked my interest as something I would like to add to my collection. I started to trawl the bay to see what I could find but I appeared to be limited to two options, high end...
  9. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello fellow WUS members and Chinese Watch fanatics, i just received this new beaut from Kevin Ma and friends over at Sea-Gull US, and wanted to share a few pics with you b-) Thanks for looking, Cheers!
  10. Affordable watches
    Does any one know where to get a TY-2867 automatic movement, or a cheap (sub $30) watch with the same movement?.. other than OFrei. Please accept my appologies if this must go into the WTB forum.
  11. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi Guy's. Just thought I would give you my thoughts on the semdu watch that Rex sent out to a few of us to test and see what we thought of it. Firstly a disclaimer in that I am nothing to do with semdu and have recieved no products from them other than to test. So. The watch that caught my eye...
  12. Chinese Mechanical watches
    Greetings to all! I've recently bought Ingersoll IN1602CR open heart watch and would like to identify the movement. The brand Ingersoll in EU now belongs to Zeon Ltd. UK. Their CEO Richard Tibber states in an interview on Ingersoll watches: "Chinese movements vary dramatically. We've had to...
  13. Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    SOLD *** Chronomat (Chronotac) Seamatic *** SOLD Automatic Submariner Homage This beauty is in excellent condition. Works great, looks great; no cosmetic blemishes worth mentioning. Clean and shiny - your friends will think it's brand new. Says 200M / Perpetual Calendar, but please take those...
1-13 of 14 Results