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  1. Does anyone have 'any' experience with Pierre Ricaud watches?!

    Affordable watches
    I cant find any useful information about them! they have a cool website and i find their watches in poland and germany watch-stores , they have some nice models with reasonable prices but I was wondering if they are chinese made watches that look cheap right out of the box? any information would...
  2. Uroborus Tuna Homage - I don't think this local brand is much well-known, even abroad.

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Another post for Chinese brands. This time is Uroborus or "Wuchen" as many collector call the bossman behind it. Again, I'm not great with flourish words. Just take a simple look a the promo-pictures. I'll post mine with actuall real life pictures at the end. And here's mine and fellow...
  3. WTB: BagelSport Polar Explorer 2 homage

    WTB - Wanted to Buy
    Hi everyone, I've been scavenging the web for a place to buy a 40mm polar white BagelSport Explorer II homage, but so far I haven't had any luck. Thought I'd try here! Please send me a PM if you have one in nice condition and are willing to sell! :) (located in the Netherlands)
  4. Purple Tevise with Nato strap

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Found a purple Nato for my Tevise, that I think looks wonderful on it. It's one of the few cases (pun intended) where I put the strap "upside down" as I think it looks better.
  5. My fav <€3 ultra-affordable thusfar. Yazole 298 (+some nicer options)

    Before I get into detail, I am not going to make the case that it's the best <€10 watch. I own nicer €6-7 ones and there are definitely other watches I'd definitely prefer over this one if I were to only get one watch and only spend €10 on it. I ordered it 34 days ago from for...
  6. Chinese Coaxial Tourbillon Review

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I thought I 'd write this review for anyone watching to buy this already, as I went through the same struggle not too long ago. I found this one on ebay listed by a seller in Hong Kong. Not much is spec'd on the listing and the seller has done a lousy job on the pictures too. The name is...
  7. A question and a concern about the SG2903/ST1903 movement

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hi there, I received my first watch with a Chinese movement today - the Alpha "Moonwatch" with the ST1903/SG2903 movement, and I had a question and a concern about the movement. The question: What is considered to be a generally acceptable gain/loss per day on this particular movement? I'm...
  8. Photos for my last incomplete thread - Aesop watch from China, homage & movement ID?

    Affordable watches
    Some days ago I wanted to show my new China purchases but couldn't get photos uploaded. Now they are here. They are from a Chinese domestic market brand called Aesop. I liked its appearance and thought it is very likely to be a homage of a European brand but cannot figure out in my head which...
  9. Identify this movement in the advertisement?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    (I think I posted the below in a wrong forum earlier - I haven't been here for awhile and forgot there's a Chinese-specific theme forum!! I travel to China sometimes and this is good to know) My friend and I were in China lately and we bought a couple cheap Aesop watches there. This is a public...
  10. FS: Sea-Gull 1972 "Oops Watch" ST5d with ST7 case "29 Jewels"

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    $74 by Paypal, includes fees and postage within USA + Canada Here is a rare find for those fascinated by the history of Chinese watchmaking. When I first received the watch, I asked the experts on /72 for their input, and here's the old thread...
  11. SOLD: Seagull 1963 chronograph 38mm with straps

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    *SOLD* I'm letting my Seagull 1963 go because I just don't wear it enough. Also making room for new acquisitions. I ordered this from 4 years ago, so it's got some time under it's belt. Here's the full disclosure on the condition of the watch. Everything works as it should...
  12. Thoughts on this Chinese Watch

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I just wanted to see other's opinions on this particular watch on eBay: Seagull OEM Chronograph ST19 Man Wristwatch German Big Pilot Sapphire | eBay It looks great. Has a saphire crystal, Seagull ST19 hand wind chrono movement. Does anyone have any experience with this watch? Is it worth the...
  13. Review of the Ultra Affordable Megir 3778

    First of all, in case you want to know and find out about the company, this is their home site MEGIR Watch official website I just received for review this Megir 3778 watch. It is a good looking piece; it wears on the big side of the spectrum. The dial itself is 36 mm, the case is 45 mm...
  14. Where to ordr chinese watch. Beijing, Shanghai, Chunlei, any of that sort

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hello, looking to order meself a Chinese watch. Trying to buy something like Beijing or Shanghai, maybe Sea-gull. If you can suggest a reputable place where I can order it, looking for something like I already listed, but if you can suggest something new please do so, I'm looking for a brand...
  15. BM&Y Watches Video Review

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Here is a quick unboxing and review video review of the BM&Y Watch - Blue suede strap and metal strap.
  16. Scored a watch at the Seagull Flagship Store, Dalian, China

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    TL;NGR: How I got my Seagull Dongfeng reissue from the Seagull Flagship Store, Olympia 66 mall in Dalian, China. Photos below. Last week I spent some days in Dalian, PR China for a conference and to visit several universities in the area. I was hoping to be able to see some Chinese watches in...
  17. Baselworld 2016: Fiyta Live Report

    News from the Watch Industry
    The Chinese brand out of Shenzhen who became known for being the exclusive official brand of China's astronauts has seen strong growth in the international market over the last few years.  This year, they featured a model already in existence, but was not exhibited at last years show, the...
  18. No LOGO Rodina Bauhaus Watch

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    The Nomos or Stowa homage depending on how you look at it. I literally received this today and unboxed it. You can see it HERE. Prefer the smaller 35mm size of vintage dress watches so asking what I paid. $120. This is literally new in box.
  19. FS: WUS 2011 Chinese Forum /f72 Moonphase Seagull ST25

    Watches - Private Sellers and Sponsors
    $325 USD - Paypal only, CONUS preferred, includes shipping and insurance. I am selling this for a friend, who has owned this WUS project watch since the original group buy, but he hasn’t worn it more than a few times since its arrival. He is also a WUS member but rarely checks in. It is...
  20. Zuan Shi bought from Antique Bazaar in Shanghai

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Dear Forum Users, I've bought my first Chinese Mechanical Watch last year. I bargained and it cost me about 35-40 USD. Right after I bought the watch I went to another seller which was at the end of the bazaar and asked whether he would buy it from me (just to make sure how good my choice was)...