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  1. Cartier
    My Cartier Tank is losing time and I've been told by an independent watchmaker it needs a new circuit and service at a cost of £550...he originally quoted £750. Can anyone confirm if this sounds reasonable.
  2. Watchmaking
    Hi folks, I've got a ladies Edox quartz watch on the workbench currently with a non-running movement. I've resorted to repairing ladies watches now so I don't have the temptation to keep them after repairing it. The movement itself, the gears and date complication, all seem to work fine. The...
  3. Seiko
    Sometimes the coolest part of the watch is the surprise when you look inside :)
  4. Public Forum
    I have a watch Eterna sonic 1550 which has stopped. Can some one give me some informatio nto trace the fault. I am an ethusiast watch repairer.
1-4 of 4 Results