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citizen promaster sst

  1. **SOLD** Citizen Promaster SST Chronograph Racing Timer - Meaner 1st version

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    Citizen Promaster SST Chronograph Racing Timer - The first version, which is more masculine looking in my opinion. Big, chunky hunk of stainless steel that somehow wears comfortable. This watch is a BEAST. Timing functions abound for the race car enthusiast or anyone in a sport that requires...
  2. New watch on citizens TV commercial

    I live in Panama and I just saw a Citizen's watch commercial with two watches. One was the Acqualand and the other was a white face watch similar to a Nighthawk or Promaster type watch. It has several "windows" or something on it. Stunning looking watch. And my wife even said "that's really...
  3. Citizen Promaster SST - JW0010-52E - UK sale only

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    Citizen Promaster SST - JW0010-52E SOLD Any questions please ask. :-!