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  1. Cjiaba Automatic Speedmaster Homage

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    Hi all, I think I may have wore this once, it was bought more out of curiosity rather than a keeper! The movement is an unknown hacking automatic with separate day, date and 24 hour sub-dials (this cannot be set independently). Time keeping wise, from what I recall it looses a couple of minutes...
  2. СЛАВА созвездие opinions?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    СЛАВА созвездие opinions? Hi guys, I've been looking around for cheap mechanicals on the bay, and accidentally found СЛАВА созвездие watches. Quickly after the logical assumption that this is the iconic russian СЛАВА brand acquired the knowledge that in fact those are just another chinese...
  3. Want to buy a new watch,but cant find the prefect one [The Actions Are Back]

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    Hey all! :-) it's been months since i started to look for my perferct watch. firstly i ordered a cjiaba watch: CJIABA CHRONOGRAPH AUTOMATIC DATE LEATHER STRAP WATCH - eBay (item 350410497266 end time Nov-07-10 05:54:12 PST) i really like the design, but it was defective so i replaced it and...
  4. Cjiaba = Fake?

    Russian watches
    Hi all, I'm new to Russian watch. I saw this brand -- CJIABA, they claim themselves is RUSSIAN watch and selling in the bay at affordable (or consider CHEAP?) price tag. I did a search of "cjiaba" in the forum and I see many forummers saying that its a FAKE SLAVA from china, and its not...