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  1. External Cleaning

    Hi, I have a Hamilton Pan Europ chrono. The rotating bezel is no longer rotating, it's a bit gummed up. I brought it to a Jewelry store that said it may be like $400 to clean. I told him I only wanted external cleaning as otherwise the watch is functioning fine. He said that may be $50 or...
  2. Cleaning the underside of a Mudman g9300

    Casio G-Shock
    I recently got a mudman g9300. I wore it while playing football in a muddy field ( hey, its a mudman! lol :p ) and well, my watch got soaked in the mud. I wanna clean it now. Before I open up a new G shock and unknowingly destroy it, I request the knowledgeable members of this forum to plz guide...
  3. Taking apart a G shock for the first time!

    Casio G-Shock
    I use my G shock as an everyday beater and its been on my wrist for the past 5 years, 24X7. b-) I was browsing online for new strap replacements and saw images of all the dirt buildup under the Bezel and let me be honest, its freaking me out and now I am feeling uncomfortable knowing that...
  4. Watch cleaning machines and solutions on a budget

    Hello everyone and happy 4th of July! There's tons of information about machines and solutions but it's all over the place mixing professional and hobby level info. I'm hoping to get advice on a good choice for cleaning machine and solutions on a budget. In other words, the expense will be just...
  5. Getting old PWs cleaned & oiled (in SE Asia)

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hope it's okay to ask in this forum. I've got more than 30 PWs, does anyone know a good watchmakers in SE Asia? Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, ... Had some really bad experiences. Like when I asked to get a friend's old mechanical wristwatches serviced. Yeah, someone took the money. No, nothing, nada...
  6. Omega Speedmaster Cleaning, Submerging in lukewarm water alright?

    Hi guys, I am a proud new owner of the Speedmaster Professional 3570.50! Love the watch! I wanted to ask a question regarding cleaning. I searched the forum and read numerous posts regarding the watch’s water resistance, from some people saying swimming is fine to others who said no swimming or...
  7. Restoring Watch - Cleaning Bracelet, Case, and Crystal on a budget

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Hi~ I buy and resell used watches on eBay. Many times I come across watches that are in bad shape cosmetically but still function properly internally. Usually the cystals are all scratched up, the steel case and bracelet is heavily scratched and scuffed... In general it is a mess. I would like...
  8. Question about cleaning and scratches.

    Public Forum
    Hi, I've just received a new Ticino watch, 47mm. After 2 days of wearing, I must say I am impressed because time keeping is 0sec/day, better than all my watches except my Citizen radio controlled which does the same. :) The sapphire is domed and it has AR only on the internal side. But today I...
  9. Hamilton Khaki King Bracelet Scuffs

    Straps & Bracelets
    I just purchased my Hamilton Khaki King from Jomashop and have had it about 3 weeks. I absolutely love the watch and have been very protective of it. Somehow I managed to scuff up the top of the clasp that sits on the interior of my wrist and also some minor scuffs on the bracelet itself (you...
  10. Caring for and restoration of SS bracelet and case

    Curious how you guys clean and maintain your bracelets and cases? Also, I have a SS bracelet for a PO XL that is a little scuffed and scratch. Pretty minor but annoying nonetheless. Any recommendations for the best way to restore it? Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!
  11. Can this dial and hands be cleaned?

    Vintage & Pocket watches
    Is cleaning at all possible? Thanks.
  12. Watch Cleaning Cloths

    Books, Tools, Winders & Other Watch Accessories
    I have been using the same cloth that came from the watch box for several months now and I'm wondering if they can be washed and how often are you supposed to replace them?
  13. All brands >> bracelet masks for DIY polishing/refinish

    Watches - Books, Parts, Tools, Winders
    Mask kit for maintaining OEM finish (or creating a custom finish) on watch bracelets. Measure each section of a link on your bracelet using calipers and include those figures (and watch model) in a private message. If the watch is rare/one-off, please include a photo in addition to...
  14. Cleaning up my new/used Oris BC3

    On Friday I received my first Oris, a used older model BC3, which I'd purchased on ebay. I got a very good deal on it since it was a little beat up and in need of some care. Below is a description of how I cleaned it up with some before and afters.Note that this is not a tutorial in any way...
  15. How do you clean your watches?

    Public Forum
    Hello! I usually wash my water resistant watches under the tap, soap and water, sometimes a small soft brush. For watches that aren't water resistant, or I'm not sure, I remove the movement, put it under a lid to keep it away from dust, and repeat the same procedure with the case only, after...
  16. A few general questions...

    Casio G-Shock
    I have a few questions I would like to ask: 1) If I remove the bezel from the watch, it will still be waterproof, right? 2) How do I clean the screen of the G-Shock (not LCD) of all smudges and debris? I've tried using a microfiber cloth, but some stubborn specks remain. 3) What dull object...
  17. Seiko 6309 diver - gaining again after cleaning?

    Some time ago I became an owner of Seiko 6309 which turned out to be gaining 4-5 minutes per day. Following the advice of wise men here on the forum that everything beyond 30s per day is candidate for cleaning and oiling, I made my first steps into watchmaking and did it myself. After...
  18. Help! Strap problem with White G-Shock

    Casio G-Shock
    I bought this watch a month ago and it is limited and it came at a pretty expensive price. It's my first white (well partially white) g-shock so I already learned my lesson to avoid contact with jeans at all cost. I used a mr. clean magic eraser whenever I see the blue jean stain on the strap...
  19. Cleaning watches with a toothbrush...?

    Public Forum
    So this is probably a really silly question, but here goes anyway; Is it wise to use a toothbrush to clean a watch? The watch I'm looking to give a clean is stainless steel with a sapphire crystal and although I'm pretty sure a toothbrush wouldn't cause any kind of damage to such a watch, I'd...
  20. Cleaning the new Speedmaster?

    Hi, I have a new 3573.50 and it's been worn for a week, so my normal process is thus: For my Rolex Dateadjust and my Omega Seamaster with screw down crowns, it's no worries, I just to run it under some tap water and scrub it with a toothbrush with some hand soap. Then I rinse and dry on my...