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  1. Spring Wire for a click spring

    Copper/Beryllium or Stainless Steel? Thanks, RMD
  2. No Tension from Mainspring

    This is my first post, after a year or so of reading from this site while attempting to fix watches. Whenever I searched Google to hopefully remedy a problem, it seemed as if the issue had already been addressed by members of this site. My current issue deals with a 1955 Hamilton "Lyndon" cld...
  3. Question regarding ratchet wheel screw.

    Hello, I have an a schild 984 movement. ( When I wind the watch the ratchet wheel screw turns AND the click does not hold the ratchet wheel in place and so as soon as i release the...
  4. RISEMAN Loose part? - newbie with a question

    Casio G-Shock
    Hi everyone, been a frequent visitor to the whole watchuseek sites for a long time, but first time posting. Never had an expensive watch in my life cause I work with heavy tools and steel process. After several years of not owning a watch, finally went for a G-shock. RISEMAN G9200BW-1CR I...
  5. Citizen Scuba Fin: Gap between Bezel and Case??

    I recently purchased a Citizen Scuba Fin diving watch and was wondering if the bezel is supposed to be flush with the case. There is a little bit of a gap between the case and the bezel, and if I tap the bezel I can hear a little clicking noise. The bezel rotates fine, and clicks into place when...
  6. letting down mainspring with no crown (newbie)

    hi, how would i let down the main spring on a pocket watch with no crown, As i cant move the click and slowly let it wind down? thanks
  7. Is there a wrong way to wind a mechanical wind watch?

    Chinese Mechanical watches
    I have 2 Chinese manual wind watches that have broken within 2 weeks from new (an Alpha PN and a Seagull 199s). In both cases, the click which keeps the mainspring from unwinding fails so the spring unwinds as soon as I release the crown. After the first failure (the 199s) I have been very...