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  1. What suit do you match your watch with? Ladies and Gents

    Public Forum
    I usually wear something sophisticated with my nicer watches. Usually roll up the sleeves too just to show it off a bit LOL. What do you all wear? Or am I just picky with my attire
  2. I was called moderately gay for liking watches...

    Luxury & Lifestyle
    So something interesting and annoying happened today. I was informed that because I like watches, I am obviously moderately gay. On top of that, it was also suggested that because I dress well and wear a pair of Ferrari sunglasses, I am obviously moderately gay. Now I'm not sure what an...
  3. G-SHOCK Japan x QUOLOMO Store Opens for International Orders

    Casio G-Shock
    Just a heads up... finally the QUOLOMO international online shop is online. All the limited edition G tees are there with full English language ordering capability, sizing info and payment via paypal or credit card via paypal. A good day indeed. :-! WWW.QUOLOMO.COM QUOLOMO x G-SHOCK x PLAY SET...