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  1. Watchmaking
    Hey everyone, Would anyone have contacts or can point me in the right direction to get a watch case CNC machined? I have been getting quotes from different companies overseas and in North America but none I am satisfied with (in terms of their confidence to produce). I have all the necessary...
  2. Watch Concepts & Designs
    Hi mates, The question is - can a watch case be milled on a desktop CNC 4 axis router providing the CAD file ? I'm not talking about the $100,000 CNC workstation, but the smaller, $2-3K desktop CNC machines. What do you think? Thanks, Db1
  3. Clock world
    looking to see if there is any programs out there for clock and watchmakers that will not empty ones wallet? also how popular are high end ,custom designed clocks?
  4. Watchmaking
    Hi! I am a long-time lurker here at WUS, and I have been excited about making my own watch at some point, but lacked the time and resources to do it right. I am just now making the project a priority, and have made the first prototype case, sans the drilling, etc. details. My plans are to make...
1-4 of 4 Results